Willetton, Stirling named Perth's worst hoon suburbs


New laws making it easier to permanently confiscate vehicles of hoon drivers will come into effect in Western Australia next weekend, as the state government revealed the worst hoon suburbs.

Police seized a total of 1674 vehicles last year, with the worst suburbs being Willetton and Stirling, each with 36, followed by Innaloo and Forrestdale, which had 28 each, while Como had 26.

Under the new laws, courts could order permanent vehicle confiscation on a first offence if a motorist committed a hoon crime in an active school zone or suburban street, or travelled 90km/h or more above the speed limit.

More than 1600 vehicles were seized by police in 2016. Source: 7 News

New laws will see confiscated vehicles resold, not crushed. Source: 7 News

Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said the new laws also removed the red tape for permanent confiscation and the resale or scrapping of uncollected hoon vehicles.

Police will also have the power to seize unlicensed motorcycles, such as trail bikes, if they suspect they have been illegally used on the road.

Ms Harvey said the government was no longer crushing cars belonging to hoons and was instead generating revenue by selling them.