Wildlife park announces 'vital' monkey birth

A white-lipped tamarin monkey
The white-lipped tamarin monkey was born at Askham Bryan Wildlife Park on 8 March

The birth of a white-lipped tamarin monkey at a North Yorkshire wildlife park has been hailed a "vital addition for conservation".

Born at Askham Bryan Wildlife Park, the tamarin is a key addition to the species, which is in "decline in the wild", staff said.

The monkey, born on 8 March, is part of a global programme designed to maintain healthy populations of the breed in captivity.

The wildlife park, based at Askham Bryan College's York campus, is one of nine zoos in the UK to house white-lipped tamarins.

'Significant species'

The baby has spent the first fortnight of its life clinging to its parents, mother Leonie and father Fella.

Tamarin young are usually fully independent by 12 weeks of age, the park said.

A spokesperson for the park said: "It’s too early for us to know what gender the baby is yet, but as the baby grows in confidence and becomes more independent we will be able to reveal the gender.

“White-lipped tamarin monkeys are in decline in the wild due to the deforestation of their natural habitat - it is really important that we’re able to assist in the breeding programme of this significant species.”

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