Wild brawl erupts at 16th birthday

A wild brawl at a 16th birthday party in Sydney’s south has ended in blood in tears.

A terrified party guest described to 7 News how she “hid in the bathroom” as multiple fights broke out.

The party was allegedly being held to celebrate the birthdays of two young girls.

However, more than 70 gatecrashers turned up, starting trouble among the 200 other guests.

“There was actually a few fights,” said witness Isabella Valentzas. “Then I saw one guy getting thrown into the glass windows.”

A 17-year-old boy was reportedly slashed on the elbow.

Paramedics treated the young man after the party turned violent.

“I was on my way to the bathrooms and then I saw [him get slashed],” Isabella said. “And then I ran straight into the bathrooms because I was like I am not getting involved,”

Isabella told 7 News she was “very scared.”

“He could've stabbed all those people, who knows what he could've done.”

Ahead of the party, the suspected host wrote on Facebook: “security at the door hide your bottles somewhere and untill you get in and other illigal s**t.”

Security managed to evict the majority of the gatecrashers, although witnesses told police the gatecrashers then gathered in a nearby carpark.

"A number of teenagers were intoxicated so they've most likely got alcohol and smuggled it in,” Hurstville police officer Shane Gemmell said. “Or stored it outside somewhere."

The gatecrashers then proceeded to smash bottles and five cars in the carpark.

One car had every window completely smashed in.

“I've never seen anything like this before,” Isabella said. “I've seen it all on social media but I've never been involved in all that stuff.”