Wikileaks candidate out of WA Senate poll

Wikileaks candidate out of WA Senate poll

The Wikileaks Party candidate endorsed for WA's re-run Senate election has pulled out of the race, citing "unforeseen personal reasons".

Gerry Georgatos, who ran in the September poll, was announced as the lead candidate in the April 5 poll after party leader Julian Assange was not allowed to run because he had not spent enough time in WA in the past six years.

But one hour before the close of nominations on Thursday, Mr Georgatos withdrew from the race.

"There arrive events in people's lives that require their commitment, and it is my duty to honour such a commitment," he said.

"However, I will remain with the WikiLeaks Party, and I will campaign for them, for their imperatives, and I support these imperatives through the presence of the WA senate candidates."

The new lead candidate is now Tibor Meszaros, the general manager and producer of community television station West TV.

Journalist Lucy Nicol is running in second place.

Mr Georgatos, a social justice campaigner, caused controversy during the last poll when he directed preferences to The Nationals rather than the Greens, despite Senator Scott Ludlam's support for Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

Mr Georgatos said Wikileaks came close to being elected in the last poll.

"What Western Australians can realise from the September election is that a microparty, preferably a progressive one, can be and will be elected," he said.