Wife’s shocking reaction after groom’s ex-girlfriend crashes wedding

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An Indonesian man has ended up marrying two women at the same time after his ex-girlfriend showed up uninvited to his wedding and insisted on being his second bride.

Korik Akbar, 20, from the regency of Central Lombok in the Indonesian state of West Nusa Tenggara, was marrying his fiancee Nur Khusnul Kotimah, 20, when his ex-girlfriend showed up after hearing about the ceremony on social media.

The ex-girlfriend, named Yuanita Ruri, 21, asked to be Akbar’s wife as well and surprisingly Kotimah agreed.

Nur Khusnul Kotimah, 20, Yuanita Ruri, 21, and their new husband Korik Akbar, 20. Source: Newsflash/Australscope
Nur Khusnul Kotimah, 20, agreed to let Yuanita Ruri, 21, the ex-girlfriend of her fiance, Korik Akbar, 20, marry him as well. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

"My husband’s ex-girlfriend (Yuanita) found out about our plans to get married on social media, as many friends were congratulating us. Because of that, she asked to be his wife too," Kotimah said.

She said it started during the 'Merariq' wedding ritual, a tradition where a woman is 'kidnapped' by her fiancee, with or without the family’s consent, and taken to the man’s house.

"Minutes after we arrived at Korik’s house, she showed up and asked to be married too," Kotimah said.

The groom said he was stunned to see his old flame, who he has known since 2016, turn up at the wedding.

A Facebook post by one of the brides urging everyone to 'just accept it' after the wedding. Source: Newsflash/Australscope
One of the brides urged everyone to 'just accept it' after the dual wedding. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

"I was not expecting it and I was shocked. However, after discussing it with my family, I decided to marry both women," he said.

"The dowry for both of them was the same, IDR 1.75 million (A$164)," He added.

However, as he is currently unemployed, the groom admitted he feels burdened by having to support two wives.


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