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Wife’s super-detailed dinner instructions for ‘idiot’ husband go viral on Reddit: ‘You are on thin ice’

A husband shared the incredibly detailed instructions his wife left for their kids’ dinners, and Reddit has some strong opinions on the matter.

Posted to the subreddit r/Funny, the post gained over 100,000 upvotes and 7,000 comments — but not everyone seems to agree about the mom’s directions.

Now, much like the husband who accused his stay-at-home wife of “never cleaning the house,” this Reddit post is stirring up controversy about domestic duties.

Courtesy of Reddit, u/xdozex
Courtesy of Reddit, u/xdozex (u/xdozex)

As the dad explained in a comment, both of their kids are highly allergic to dairy, and their youngest is also allergic to soy and sunflower. “As a result, it means we end up having to prep 3 completely different meals,” he writes.

Since the dad works two jobs with erratic hours, his wife tends to take care of the kids’ dinner. But with her recently returning to the workforce, he’s now responsible for preparing their meals — a task his wife has left very specific instructions for, as evidenced by his photo.

As seen in the photo, the poster’s wife used pieces of paper to carefully lay out which foods go in each plate’s compartment, along with instructions for each individual food item.

“My wife just went back to work and thinks I’m an idiot,” the post’s title reads.

“You are not pulling your weight…”

Over 7,000 Redditors shared their reactions to the wife’s instructions — and the opinions ran the gamut.

“Are there seriously adult men who need this sort of guidance? I can’t imagine having such a helpless baby as a partner,” one user wrote.

“This is how she is telling you that you are not pulling your weight and you are on thin ice,” another commented.

“If she thought it was necessary to make this cheat sheet due to past observations, then maybe…,” one user wrote.

“This definitely comes across overbearing and a little assholey,” commented another.

“She could feel anxious about going back into the workforce and not being able to contribute as much as a mom, so she wants to do the very best she can to make things easy on you,” one user wrote.

“You may not be an idiot, but she knows those kids well lol. She’s doing you a favor by preventing a meltdown because you put the corn in the wrong spot or something,” another user wrote.

To this, the original poster replied, “Yep that’s quite literally what this was. If the corn ended up in the wrong section, my son would have went nuts and refused to eat the whole meal.”

But thankfully, according to the dad, dinnertime went smoothly — despite a few temperature issues with some of the food.

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