‘My wife is nearly divorcing me because of it’: Brian Cox jokes he suffers from ‘Logan Roy disease’

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It appears Brian Cox might be walking away from Succession with a little more Logan Roy left in him than his wife would prefer.

Cox stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (22 March) night to discuss the farewell season of the hit HBO Max series when he dropped an accidental f-bomb – in true Logan fashion.

“I love endings. I love getting the f*** finished with it,” the Scottish actor said, sending the audience and host Fallon into a fit of laughter.

Cox jumped in to apologise for his “language” before Fallon responded: “No, no, I don’t know what we can leave in, to be honest!”

“It’s what I call the Logan Roy disease, and I’ve been affected by it,” Cox quipped. “My wife’s nearly divorcing me because of it.”

The 76-year-old actor, who’s married to German actor Nicole Ansari, stars as the irascible patriarch Logan on the acclaimed comedy-drama.

His character is well-known for his curt catchphrase: “F*** off.”

In an interview last year, Cox admitted the role has made him swear more in real life.

During the show’s recent series four premiere, life imitated art once again when Cox was heard screaming at photographers in the background of one of his co-star’s interviews.

“You can hear Brian screaming; Brian is, um, still mad,” Fisher Stevens, who plays Waystar Royco adviser Hugo Baker, tells the interviewer.

“He’s having a good time. He’s enjoying his final premiere of the show. Sorry, that was interesting. I wonder who he’s screaming at?”

Stevens later said he believed Cox was joking with someone: “He’s not serious. He’s not real. He’s having fun. He’s Logan! He can do whatever the f*** he wants.”

The final season of Succession begins on HBO and Sky Atlantic on 26 and 27 March, respectively.