Widow blasts Army after her husband's dead body lay on barracks floor for three weeks

Lance Corporal Bernard Mongan was found dead at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. (PA)

A widow has hit out at the Army over the death of her soldier husband whose body lay on the floor of his barracks for three weeks before it was eventually removed.

Lance Corporal Bernard Mongan, a veteran of the Iraq war, was found dead on January 23 in his bedroom in a barrack room at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire.

The 33-year-old’s body was said to have been so badly decomposed that it may never be discovered how he died.

According to The Sunday Mirror, LCpL Mongan was also due to transfer to another army base a week after he was last seen alive.

L Cpl Mongan joined the Irish Guards in 2004 and fought in the Iraq War. (PA)

The father of three’s disappearance reportedly went unnoticed at both camps for three weeks before his body was discovered.

He was also not listed as Absent Without Leave (AWOL) from this base, a standard army protocol. 

His wife, Beth Mongan, from whom he was separated, said: “What happened to Bernie is outrageous. How can a soldier be dead in his room for three weeks and nobody notice?


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“When he failed to report for duty, why wasn’t his room checked? I have not received any answers to these questions. The Army has kept me in the dark.”

“There is no way he would have [taken his own life]. As far as I am aware there was no note and he was in very good spirits.”

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “The circumstances surrounding the death of a soldier in Catterick are being investigated. 

“It would be inappropriate to comment any further.”

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