Wicked van signage prompts NSW govt action

Tom Rabe

It may take a national response to get rid of the lewd slogans written on Wicked campervans, according to the NSW roads minister, who's vowed to crack down on the rental company following renewed complaints.

A campervan with a slogan on its rear window referencing anal sex and virginity spotted in Ballina on the weekend has sparked outrage across NSW.

Roads Minister Melinda Pavey wants the South Australian registered vehicle off the country's roads and has contacted Wicked Campers.

"The message on that van was absolutely disgusting, unacceptable, but what we can do is limited by the fact they are not registered here," Ms Pavey told reporters in Sydney on Wednesday.

The NSW minister says regulating the signage is complicated by Australia's state-by-state car registration system. It could take a national approach to fix the problem, she added.

"I'm looking forward to an explanation about this car because it's unacceptable and then we'll deal with it at a national level which is what we need to do to make it better."

The NSW Greens in 2017 called for legislation to ban offensive language on cars but the state government instead reached an informal agreement with Wicked.

"Because these vans are not registered in our state we've taken an approach to deal with the chief executive of Wicked Campers," Ms Pavey said.

"This is the first time we've seen it raised in probably 12 months. They did make a commitment to me as NSW minister that they were going to lift their game and improve their behaviour."

Ms Pavey said she would consider raising the issue at the next national ministerial transport meeting if the problem wasn't addressed sooner.