Why you should never charge your phone on your bed

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If you gifted your child a phone or tablet for Christmas, it's worth reminding them to not charge their device on their bed.

CPR Kids, an organisation run by paediatric registered nurses, shared an important warning regarding electronic devices to social media after Christmas.

The organisation also shared images of burn marks on sheets, while a damaged charging chord is also seen on the bed to show what can happen if you charge your device on the bed.

"Did your children receive a tablet or phone for Christmas?" the Facebook post said.

Scorch marks from a phone charger on a bed with white sheets.
CPR Kids warned against charging devices on the bed. Source: CPR Kids via Firefighters Australia

"Make sure that they never charge electronics in bed – teach them to follow manufacturers' guidelines."

The post advised charging devices, such as tablets and phones, should be done on a flat surface, clear from flammable materials.

There should also be no foreign objects in the connector or plug, the post said, and cheap accessories should be avoided.

The images were also previously shared by Firefighters Australia, which also warned charging your phone or tablet on your bed could be very dangerous.

More burn marks from a phone charger shown close up on a bed.
Devices should be charged on a flat surface, away from flammable material. Source: CPR Kids via Firefighters Australia

"The heat generated cannot dissipate and the charger will become hotter and hotter," the 2019 Firefighters Australia post said.

"The likely result is that the pillow/bed will catch fire – placing the child (as well as everyone else in the property) in great danger."

CPR Kids also said cords should be in good condition if they were being used.

Any that show signs of "wear and tear" should be disposed of responsibly.

"Damaged cords and charging in unsafe conditions can pose an electrocution and fire risk," the post said.

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