Why woman with pram is furious at homeowner in her neighbourhood

A woman has hit out at homeowners in her area for not maintaining their garden, and questioned why council can fine people for cars obstructing the path, but not bushes.

The woman from Western Australia shared the photo to Byford & Surrounds Chat & Community Group, a public group for those southeast of Perth.

“Why is it they can fine you for your car hanging like 10cm over the footpath, but other people can get away with this??” the woman asked.

One of the bushes on the left-hand side of the footpath is clearly obstructing almost half of the footpath.

The mother complained about the bush which is obstructing the path in Byford, Western Australia. Source: Facebook.

One person suggested the woman call the local shire and tell them to trim the bush.

“It’s the home owners responsibility,” the woman responded.

“Same as the council could fine you for not maintaining the ‘council land’ on your own property.”

In the photo the woman posted, a pram is clearly visible in the right-hand corner.

“I'm not here to complain about the pram not getting though. I'm just sick of getting fines for a car that hangs 10cm over a footpath, and yet people can get away with this,” she said.

“I don't care who parks what where. I can't even fit my standard size sedan in my own driveway without getting a fine. I don’t care, I can’t get the pram through. There’s driveway and grass.

“The point I’m making is about who gets fined and who doesn’t.”

One person fired back at the woman saying the difference between a car and the bush is that when she parks her car, she knows she is breaking the rules.

“The bush doesn’t know this,” someone said in the comments.

“The owners of the bush know the rules,” the mother fired back.

The post on the group has caused debate, many people just told the woman to walk around the bush.

One person said “walking into a bush hurts less tan walking into a car”.

One person did say “they”, presumably the homeowners, were “going to sort it”.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale for comment on the bush ordeal.

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