Why this man was slapped with 'ridiculous' fine for parking in driveway

A woman has hit out at a council after her brother was slapped with a fine while parked in the driveway of a home.

She claims her brother, who wishes to remain anonymous, was dropping his cousin home from school on Wednesday just before 3pm (local time) when he returned to find the fine on his windscreen.

The ute had been parked in the driveway in Byford, on the southeastern edge of Perth, for five minutes when he copped the fine for “parking on a footpath”.

A photo shows the white dual-cab ute with a canopy attached parked all the way into the driveway of the home with the back of the vehicle slightly encroaching on the public footpath.

“I think it’s a bit ridiculous,” the man’s sister told Yahoo News Australia.

“They couldn’t issue a warning or even knock on the door and ask him to move, instead they issue a fine, no questions asked.

“I understand why you can’t park on footpaths, but there was plenty of room to get even a wheelchair around the car.”

Pictured is a ute parked in a Perth driveway with the tray slightly hanging over the footpath.
A man copped a $60 fine for parking over the footpath in Byford, a suburb of Perth. Source: Supplied

The woman said they had informed a local councillor of the $60 fine, who said he would bring it up at a council meeting.

She claimed while it was the first time her brother was slapped with a fine of this sort, they had heard of other instances in the community “with some situations being even more ridiculous”.

“There were no street parking bays left and we don’t like parking on the road with the flow of traffic because there are children in the area and it’s another blindspot for them to run out from,” she said.

“Just a bit disappointed that this has happened without a caution or warning of any kind.”

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, which takes in the suburb of Byford, for comment.

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