Sydney man’s family stockpiles toilet paper for 40 years

A Sydney man’s shed is filled with toilet paper, but he isn’t hoarding it for himself, nor did he even buy it.

Michael hasn’t been panic-buying toilet paper like some Australians, instead his father started the stash some 40 years ago, according to A Current Affair.

He explained when his parents migrated to Australia, they had “absolutely nothing”.

“So, whenever there was something on special, they would buy a lot of stock, so that's basically what's happened here and thankfully he has,” Michael told the program.

Michael’s father, Sobi died ten years ago and the toilet paper is from the 1980s to the1990s, but the savvy, albeit bizarre habit has been a saving grace for some people.

Not wanting to sell the toilet paper for profit, because it’s not what his father would have wanted, Michael offered up the toilet paper for free online.

“We are giving away FREE 1980's-1990's Petal vintage single ply toilet rolls to those in desperate need. No this is not a joke,” Michael wrote on his cleaning business Facebook page, Clean and Clear Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.

Michael is giving out the toilet paper his father hoarded about 40 years ago. Source: A Current Affair

“So my late father had stocked up on these toilet rolls back in the day (must have been on special) and stored them in the storeroom of a Marrickville unit, which I have been meaning to clear out but haven't as yet.”

In the post Michael estimated there were some 270 rolls.

“It’s like winning the jackpot,” he said.

“Never have I been so excited to see toilet paper.”

In the post, Michael offered to give out the coveted toilet paper for those in need in Sydney’s inner west.

He got quite the response online, with many praising his generosity and his late father.

Michael said profiting from the toilet paper is not what his father would have wanted. Source: Facebook/ Clean & Clear Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Sydney

“Such a great act of kindness in the madness of today, great job Clean & Clear,” one person wrote.

“In this time of crisis, I believe we all have to band together and share what we have,” Michael told ACA.

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