Why shoppers are going crazy for this new Coles sauce

For unpretentious foodies out there who love the taste of fast food at home, Coles has some exciting news for you.

The Aussie supermarket giant has released a pair of new sauce flavours aimed at those who enjoy fast-food favourite – the chicken nugget.

At just $2.75 a bottle, it may seem like a small thing, but expectations are sky high and shoppers are already whipping themselves into a frenzy after the sauces hit supermarket shelves on Friday.

It comes after Coles had huge success in 2017 with its knock-off burger sauce that many thought tasted exactly like the special Big Mac sauce at the world’s most iconic fast food chain, McDonalds.

The sauce gathered an almost cult-like following and even spawned its own Coles chip flavour.

A shopper holds the Special Burger sauce chips beside the sauce that inspired them.
Special burger sauce chips. Enough said. Source: Facebook.

Now, Coles is trying to follow the same recipe for success.

The supermarket brand has launched two new sauce products in a squeezy bottle.

One is a spicy curry-flavoured tomato sauce condiment, which is apparently based on the German sauce known as Currygewürzketchup.

The other is a sweet Carolina BBQ flavour that has a tangy mustard kick.

According to Coles, the new sauce range was inspired by “Australia’s love of nuggets”.

And, probably more to the point, Coles’ love of money.

The bottles side-by-side on the supermarket shelf.
Special Sweet and Special spicy hit shelves on Friday. Source: Facebook

Spicy nugget sauce the popular favourite

The reception from eager customers over the weekend has been good but it doesn’t appear to have reached the dizzying height’s of the company’s special burger sauce.

“It's the best, same as the Maccas sweet mustard dipping sauce,” wrote one Facebook user about the Sweet Mustard sauce.

“Its (sic) better than Mickey Ds just my personal opinion,” said another.

Out of the two, the mustard flavour definitely appears to be the crowd favourite, at least for most.

One helpful British expat living in Australian took to Twitter to give his review of each sauce, awarding Sweet Mustard just 6/10 for taste, but gave 9/10 for the spicy ketchup option.

With a health star rating of just 1.5 stars, you probably don’t want to use it on everything. But if this is your kind of thing, start dipping.

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