Why people are protesting on January 26

Why people are protesting on January 26.

Video transcript

- Survival. I'm not celebrating Australia Day. I'm here for invasion.

- That's why we're here, to keep up the good fight, that we're still here and we're still alive and we're the strongest living culture in the world.

- Well, I'm here to support and be surrounded by my culture, march with our culture and support each other.

- We're marching for our people.

- I'm supporting the protests against the invasion of our country by white settlers 235 years ago. And I'm just here to follow the lead of the Indigenous people.

- One of our friends, her brother passed away in custody, and we're just coming out to show support and also just to show support to all the people here.

- Just paying our respects to the Aboriginal owners of this land and showing our big support.

- Especially given the current climate, the debates about the voice in Parliament, I don't think the government is doing enough and I think we need to recognize that this is stolen land and we need to sign a treaty with our Indigenous people. So that's why I'm here today. I'm sick to death of this country treating Indigenous people the way they do.