Why it's never a good idea to brake-check a truck

A truck driver in the UK claims drivers "don't want us on the roads" after a young man in a hatchback undercut him on a highway and braked suddenly, forcing the truck to crash into the rear.

Truckie Dave Walker, 59, says the young driver had become frustrated moments before the two traded paint on a highway near Leeds.

The driver in the red hatchback moved across two lanes to sit in front of the truck. Source: Dave Walker
The hatchback driver then braked in front of the truck. Source: Dave Walker

"This clever dick is a young fella, and to be fair to him I was probably a cocky thing myself back in the day, and at that age you don’t think you can do anything wrong," Mr Walker said.

“We all make mistakes but that wasn’t a mistake it was done on purpose, it was ridiculous."

Mr Walker's dashcam shows the red hatchback come across two lanes in front of the truck, before braking for no reason.

As the two attempt to move off the road to exchange details, the young driver again fails to leave enough braking distance with Mr Walker again rear-ending the hatchback.

The driver was rear-ended by the truck. Source: Dave Walker

“The guy clearly decided ‘I’m going to teach that driver a lesson’," Mr Walker said.

“I jumped on my brakes but didn’t want someone to then go into the back of me such I just stayed in the middle lane and you can see I backed off."

The footage has since been handed to police. Mr Walker said the young driver's behaviour was a daily problem for truckies.

The driver was rear-ended again when the two pulled off the highway. Source: Dave Walker

“When I saw what he did I just thought ‘what a clown’," he said.

“Most truck drivers deal with this on a daily basis – some people just don’t want us on the roads.”