Why we should expect positive news for Ukraine in March — opinion

We must hope that common sense will prevail

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These days, I am asked what I think about Valeriy Zaluzhny's resignation. Any changes of such a drastic nature, especially when the battlefield situation is so tenuous, are extremely risky. If I were in charge, I would not have done it. Here, we have to put national interests first, not political ones.

Many experts speculate that this change is not strictly about military concerns, but is a political decision. If this is the case, it is undoubtedly the worst possible scenario. During a war, no one thinks about their ratings. Everyone thinks about saving the country.

We should hope that common sense will prevail.

We will speak now without reference to General Zaluzhny. We must select those who can do their job in this area as efficiently as possible. If we follow this path, we will have a chance of defeating this sinister enemy. If we play political games, it will cost us very, very much.

Last week, Victoria Nuland, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, visited Ukraine. We associate her with "cookies," that is, with gifts.

I still hope this main gift is the information that there will be help. Let's think about it regardless of what was said behind closed doors. Yes, this aid was tied up in a package. Well, this is a traditional trick of diplomacy. If you want to fail something, you must tie it up with something else. Then, the process of untying this knot takes months, and so on. The question is in the problem.

It is difficult to disentangle the different elements of Ukraine aid. Firstly, this means advocating for different types of equipment. But it is also tied to the political interests, both domestic and global, of the American people. Ukraine is one topic under discussion in Washington. So are Israel, Taiwan, and the Mexican border. The US Senate is voting on how to group or separate them.

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Well, let's look at it from a different perspective. The beginning of March is the deadline for the budget to be approved in America. If it is not approved, the US government will stop paying its expenses. To adopt a temporary one for two months again is already crossing all possible boundaries. It has already been done twice. Therefore, there should be a regular approved budget. So, even from this point of view, we should hope that common sense will prevail. We expected this to happen in January. Unfortunately, it did not occur in January due to many different things. But, this aid should be approved by March.

Do I connect the slowdown in aid to Ukraine with Donald Trump's victory in the primaries twice now? These things are unrelated, although he certainly influences the position of the Republicans in Congress. He will continue to use this right of influence. Undoubtedly, if he wins and is nominated for the presidency, it will increase his influence on the entire Republican Party. But again, March will be crucial for America. Because in March, there will also be final decisions on many legal cases being investigated against Donald Trump. March will bring us a lot of interesting, positive news.

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