Why Effective Supply Chain and Logistics Management Is Crucial in the Food Industry? | Quantzig’s Recent Article Explains

Supply chains and logistics form key aspects of business functions in both the service and manufacturing sectors. Though the complexity of the supply chain may vary vastly from industry to industry, it represents a logical advance in our evolving understanding of business performance. At Quantzig, we understand the importance of reliable, quick, and timely transport of products for businesses in the food industry. Regardless of the type and size of your organization, we are ready to assist you with industry-leading analytics solutions. With over 15 years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers, we are proud to offer scalable supply chain analytics services to our customers. Our analytics teams in the US, Canada, and other business units work devotedly to provide tailor-made solutions to tackle the unique needs of our customers. This article by Quantzig explains why an effective supply chain and logistics process is crucial to thriving in the food industry.

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Many recent trends driven by the rising globalization, urbanization, and industrialization, are placing increasing demands on the global food supply chain. Food supply chains and networks that are primarily characterized by autonomy and independence are now rapidly moving towards globally interconnected systems with a large variety of complex relationships. This is also affecting how food is produced, processed, and delivered to the market. Thriving amid such complexities call for a drastic change in the organizational structure in terms of the supply chain and logistics processes.

According to Quantzig’s supply chain analytics experts, "Supply chain and logistics management is a holistic approach that focuses on the integrated planning, implementation, coordination and control of all business processes and activities necessary to produce and deliver, as efficiently as possible, products that satisfy market requirements."

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Benefits of Supply Chain and Logistics Management in the Food Industry

  • Quality preservation
    The quality of food not only depends on the manufacturer or the producer, but the supply chain and logistics processes also play a crucial role in it. This is mainly because perishable food materials need to be stored at controlled temperatures and protected from extreme conditions to avoid any deterioration in the quality of the product.
  • Avoid damages and breakages
    With food companies handling perishable food products, there is a rise in concern around its shelf-life and possible damage in transit. Therefore, special care must be taken during the packaging, loading, and transport of such food materials.
  • Climate controlled facilities
    An efficient supply chain and logistics facility ensures that the food products are stored at optimum temperatures at all times to maintain their freshness and quality.
  • Avoid deterioration
    A robust supply chain and logistics system help ensure that food products reach their final consumers within a stipulated period, thereby avoiding deterioration of products and loss of money and resources.

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