Why does Kyiv see more frequent power outages than other parts of Ukraine?

Kyiv faces more frequent power outages compared to other oblasts
Kyiv faces more frequent power outages compared to other oblasts

Kyiv experiences stricter electricity consumption limits than other Ukrainian oblasts because it has more extensive critical infrastructure, Yasno (electric utility company) CEO, Serhiy Kovalenko, said on Facebook on June 5.

"Yes, Kyiv is facing slightly more outages than other oblasts," he wrote.

"This is partly because of the significant amount of critical infrastructure here.”

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“The maximum possible consumption volume is reduced by the volume needed for critical infrastructure, and the remaining amount is then distributed among all consumers," he added.

Kovalenko expressed hope that the situation would "balance out a bit" soon.

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The power situation remains unchanged, with a "catastrophic" electricity shortage due to repairs at nuclear power plant units and damage to facilities.

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Emergency power outages were again implemented in 12 Ukrainian oblasts on June 5 after the consumption limits set by Ukrenergo were exceeded.

Consumption limits will also be in effect across Ukraine throughout the day on June 6.

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