Why Ben Cajee Is The CBeebies Presenter We All Need In 2020

Victoria Richards
·2-min read

A CBeebies presenter who speaks openly and emotionally on kids’ TV about being mixed race might just be the role model all our kids need in 2020.

That’s because Ben Cajee, 33, who has worked for the children’s channel as a presenter since 2015, gave out the simplest of messages to millions of viewers: that it’s really important to be kind to each other.

“Sometimes people have been unkind about what I look like and the colour of my skin,” Cajee said in his viral video. “But I try and forget about those people and instead focus on the people who were there for me and who supported me. I think at the moment it’s really important to be kind because you never know, you might just make someone’s day.”

HuffPost UK spoke to Cajee, who said that the response from the public had been “overwhelming”.

“It was a pretty overwhelming week, to be honest,” he said. “The reaction and overall reach has blown me away – and to know that it’s meant something to so many people is amazing.”


“We did something about the ethos of CBeebies back in June and the messaging that “everyone’s welcome” – it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from or what you sound like.

“This is just an extension of that really.”

In the recent clip, Cajee explained that his mum, Fiona, is white, and his dad, Yacob, is black – and that he’s “really, really proud” to be mixed race. He also told viewers that he’s inherited loads of things from both his parents, such as his smile from his mum and his “really bendy toe”, from his dad.

It received an outpouring of positive responses on...

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