'White Lives Matter' Group Allegedly Assaults Interracial Couple

A group of white people allegedly assaulted an interracial couple in a Nashville suburb on Saturday night, October 28, after a White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

The Shelbyville rally, organized by a group called League of the South, was supposed to have been followed by a second rally in Murfreesboro, which was cancelled.

A group of people, said by witnesses to have been attendees at the White Lives Matter rally, showed up later at a Brentwood restaurant where they taunted an interracial couple.

The uploader of this video, who asked to remain anonymous, said she “saw a large group of perhaps 20 men, dressed in all black, enter the restaurant. Perhaps under other circumstances, I wouldn’t have paid much attention, but I recognized the attire of the group immediately from videos and photos that had been circulating in reference to the hate rallies occurring.”

She said the group were seated nearby, “directly behind an interracial couple, a white woman and a black man.”

“They immediately started taunting her for being with a black man,” she wrote. “Understandably, she was extremely upset and went to management to report the harassment. The WLM group appeared to get kicked out, as they all left and were outside on the sidewalk. A huge fight broke out, they punched the woman and she had blood running down her face. Management DID try to break up the fight, and the rest of the staff was trying to keep everyone else inside, safe and away from the violence. There were a number of children inside, as well.”

Nashville Police said the group had left the area by the time they arrived, but the woman returned and made a report on the incident, telling them the group fled the scene “in multiple vehicles, including a white van with a Wisconsin license plate and a sedan with a New York license plate.”

Mic reporter Jack Smith IV spoke with White Lives Matter rallier Matthew Heimbach, reportedly one of the men involved, who said the couple started the fight. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful