Mum wakes from coma to discover harrowing news about daughter and husband

A woman has woken from a coma after two months to discover her husband and daughter were killed in the White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand.

Lisa Dallow, 48, from Adelaide, and her husband Gavin, 53, and daughter Zoe, 15, were among a group of tourists on the island 50km off of Whakatane on December 9 when it erupted and sent rocks hurtling through the air.

The mother recently woke in Melbourne’s The Alfred Hospital and has since been delivered the devastating news.

“It took a while for it to sink in and then she just kept saying she can’t believe they had died,” a family spokeswoman told The Advertiser.

Lisa Dallow (centre) has recently learned of the deaths of her husband Gavin (left) and daughter Zoe (right). Source: AAP

Ms Dallow also recalled the harrowing moment the volcano erupted as dozens of tourists tried to flee.

“She remembers it exploding and then telling everyone to run,” the spokeswoman said.

“She then recalled how rocks were falling everywhere and hitting her on the back.”

After thinking emergency services must be en route, her next recollection was waking up in hospital.

When finding out that her husband and daughter had died alongside 19 others, Ms Dallow became “really quite emotional about it when she realised how many people had died and she got very upset”.

The volcano erupted on December 9 with dozens of tourists on the island. Source: AAP

While missing her husband’s funeral at Adelaide Oval last month, Zoe’s has been delayed in the hope Ms Dallow is well enough to attend.

Ms Dallow, a Santos oil and gas engineer, suffered life-threatening burns to 60 per cent of her body and remains in a serious but stable condition, The Advertiser reported.

There were 14 Australians among the death toll while another 26 were injured by the deadly ash clouds.

Many of the injured are still in hospitals in Australia, New Zealand and the United States recovering from their burns and other injuries.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern previously said official inquiries into the eruption by New Zealand authorities will take up to a year.

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