White House sets out immediate and long-term aid plans for Ukraine

John Kirby
John Kirby

The White House has outlined a strategy to provide both immediate and long-term assistance to Ukraine, emphasizing rapid deployment of military aid to address urgent needs, according to John Kirby, the White House national security communications adviser. Kirby shared the plan during a press briefing on April 23.

"As soon as the President can get the bill on his desk and sign it, you’re going to see us provide the kinds of capabilities they need most right now," Kirby stated. He also noted that future discussions would focus on Ukraine's longer-term military strategies to counter Russian aggression, tailoring aid to meet those evolving needs.

The announcement came as the White House prepared for President Joe Biden to sign a comprehensive aid package on April 24. This follows the bill’s passage by the Senate and earlier approval in the House, where 311 members voted in favor of allocating more than $60 billion to Ukraine, with 112 dissenting.

The aid package totals $95 billion, including support for Israel and Indo-Pacific allies. Ukraine's allocation exceeds $60 billion, with $14 billion designated for military equipment purchases and nearly $35 billion for replenishing U.S. military stocks and supporting ongoing commitments in Europe.

Additionally, the legislation will provide Ukraine with ATACMS ballistic missiles to enhance its strike capabilities, addressing specific requests from Ukrainian officials.

The United States could send a new aid package to Ukraine by the end of the week, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner said on April 21.

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