Where to do Pilates online: the best virtual classes and workouts


Pilates may not get the hype that other calorie-torching workouts like boxing and HIIT do, but there's a reason why so many age defying-celebrities swear by this low-impact workout to hone and sculpt lean and strong bodies.

If you're keen to simultaneously improve your strength, flexibility, alignment and posture, then Pilates may well be for you.

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s when he began teaching his method with wife Clara at their 'Body Conditioning Gym' in New York.

It is often hailed as the workout to "strengthen the core," but Pilates teacher and founder of Pilates On Demand Hollie Grant argues it's much more than that. "In Pilates what we are aiming for is a body that is both strong, and flexible. These two qualities provide the body with optimal mobility which essentially is freedom of movement," she says.

"Pilates focuses on strengthening every muscle in the body so that they all work in harmony together and the body is balanced. Muscle imbalances cause deviations to our posture from the norm (or 'neutral' in Pilates) and can cause pain and injury, so reducing muscle imbalances will bring with it less pain, less injuries, and a better posture," Grant continues.

So, who would benefit from taking a Pilates class? Virtually everyone. Grant often sees clients who have injuries and have been recommended to try Pilates by their doctor or physio because it's low impact and because "Pilates instructors are masters of anatomy."

Meanwhile Chris Bardawil, founder of Core Flex Pilates, says it's a workout ideal for anyone of any age group looking to get their fitness back on track, "especially mat pilates where exercise adjustments can be made to suit all levels. It also compliments running and spinning well."

"It is a really safe form of training, but that doesn't mean it's easy," Grant warns. "I am yet to train someone who finds it 'easy.' I used Pilates throughout my training for seven marathons in seven days, I used it throughout my pregnancy, and I’ve used it post emergency c-section as my rehab. One year later and I am able to perform advanced Pilates exercises daily."

How does it differ to other low-impact workouts, like yoga? "Yoga is very focused on flexibility and long holds of exercises. Pilates on the other hand is far more dynamic and has a focus on strength, and posture making your body functional," Bardawil says.

"Yoga also has a spiritual side which Pilates does not, you’ll just finish classes feeling two inches taller, lighter and more in touch with your body!"

Now you know it's worth your time, here are the best online Pilates classes you can do from the comfort of your own home.



Heartcore, one of London's chicest Pilates studios, is offering live and on-demand adaptations of its signature Dynamic Pilates (along with other classes).

Classes take place on Zoom and can be booked online or via the Heartcore app, with the booking window closing 30 minutes before each class. The session is accessible to all levels, with pre-natal adjustments available throughout and classes are now equipment-free.

Price: from £35/class

How to book: weareheartcore.com

Pilates PT

Award-winning Pilates teacher Hollie Grant has made her hugely popular live classes available on demand. Access over 150 hours worth of Pilates, HIIT, prenatal and postnatal workouts in the on-demand library. Classes are 45-60 minutes, with offerings such as Dynamic Mat Pilates (focus on building strength and improving flexibility), and the signature Pilates PT Method (Hollie’s own method, combining dynamic mat pilates with HIIT).

Price: From £15 per month, 7 day free trial

How to book: pilatespt.co.uk

Core Flex Pilates

Chelsea-based reformer studio Core Flex Pilates has also gone virtual, hosting a class at 9am every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday via Zoom.

The 45-minute workouts are a dynamic blend of Pilates and bodyweight strength training, kicking off with mobility and activation followed by a core and arm blast designed to firm up your mid section and lengthen and strengthen the upper body, leg work incorporating some cardio while focusing on alignment and stability. All levels welcome, no equipment required.

Price: £7/class (or monthly membership for £45)​

How to book: coreflexpilates.com

Mayfair Pilates

Mayfair Pilates is  offering intimate virtual classes via Zoom for up to six participants. Clients are encouraged to set up their cameras also so that the instructor can give specific feedback, while clients can also ask questions during the class.

One-hour classes run seven days a week and are tiered in terms of difficulty (foundations, mixed level and intermediate), you may need some basic equipment that you'll have at home, like a pillow or water bottle to complete the class.

Price: from £20/class

How to book: mayfairpilates.co.uk

Tempo Pilates

Hackney-based studio Tempo Pilates specialises in upbeat reformer style classes to banging beats. Now it's offering mat-based classes you can do from the comfort of your own living room.

One-hour classes run throughout the day Monday to Saturday via Zoom.

Price: £8/class

How to book: tempopilates.com

Paola's BodyBarre (PBB)

The hugely popular Paola's Body Barre or PBB method is also available online. Opt for PBB's Dynamic Pilates Flow class if you're looking for a low-impact but high-intensity workout that will keep you strong, lean and flexible.

The class works with speed and reps, so expect to improve your posture fast while being worked deep to the core.You'll need your own mat, some hand weights, and a thigh band.

Price: 5 classes/£30 (intro offer) or £12/class

How to book: paolasbodybarre.com

Exhale Pilates

Exhale Pilates London is a classical Pilates studio based in Chalk Farm that’s dedicated to the the original works of Joseph Pilates.

The studio is  offering online classes via Zoom, which are tiered, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Sessions include Virtual 'Reformer on the Mat' which replicates the movements of the classical Reformer on the mat, as well as virtual family Pilates classes, if you're keen to get the whole gang moving.

Price: from £15/class

How to book: exhalepilateslondon.com


London-based fitness studio FRAME began virtual classes during the pandemic, and has quickly built a cult following of at-home fitness fanatics. Their workouts range from beginner to pilates pro, with a team of high-energy instructors make working out from home fun. They’ll challenge you to smash your class and make sure you have a good time doing it.

Price: from £6/month

How to book: moveyourframe.com

KARVE On Demand

KARVE’s motto is “Inspired by the Big Apple, on the pulse of the Big Smoke”, with their workouts aimed at capturing New York’s infectious energy, but tailored to London lifestyles. The London-based transformer Pilates studio has a massive on-demand roster of workouts with a variety of difficulty levels and class lengths. As well as Pilates, KARVE also offers stretching, breathwork and meditation to help you wind down.

Price: £29.95/month, £71.85 every threee months, or £251.50/year

How to book:karve.club