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Where does the ‘I have this thing’ TikTok sound come from and how is it used?

Taylor Swift has yet again sparked a popular TikTok trend, and this time it was inspired by the lyrics to one of her most recent hit singles, “Anti-Hero.”

The lyric “I have this thing” occurs at the start of the song from Swift’s 2022 album Midnights. But in the TikTok sound, the lyric is used as a stand-alone sound bite.

According to Know Your Meme, users began turning the sound into an audio and lip-dub trend on TikTok earlier this year by “reword[ing] their icks under the guise of it being a quirky thing they have.”

So far, #IHaveThisThing videos have racked up more than 93.4 million views. And when it comes to the things people confess in them, they certainly run the gamut.

Some people have shared little paranoias they’ve developed, as well as the behaviors they secretly use to cope.

A lot of them are deeply relatable things that many of us rarely talk about.

In this TikTok, @realemilyfitzgerald says that if a friend takes a sip of her drink, she basically can’t have anymore herself:

“OMG SAMEEEEE,” one TikToker wrote.

“Hard limit,” said another.

One mom on TikTok needs to sleep facing away from someone if they share a bed so that she doesn’t “breathe in their exhale.”

Another person commented that they do something similar.

“I cant sleep facing someone i start to copy the way their breathing then im up all night trynna figure out how i was breathing before,” they shared.

Others have said they are so afraid of doing something in particular — like showing up late — that they over-compensate in other ways.

“I will literally cry and throw up at the thought of being late for something with a specific start time,” @feefifofam confessed in her TikTok caption.

In the comments, dozens of people said they are equally regimented when it comes to being on time. (Or, make that early.)

“I NEED to be at least 5-10 minutes early or I am late,” one person wrote.

“i’d rather not go than be late,” said someone else.

Many of the “things” shared by TikTokers aren’t necessarily rational, either. Or, at least, they don’t appear to be to the average viewer.

While one user confessed to never being able to finish the last sip of their drink without feeling sick, another said they always hold their breath in real life when watching an actor on TV go underwater.

“I want to know if I could outlive them,” one person confessed.

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