Where the Crawdads Sing fans can follow in Kya’s footsteps with a trip to Louisiana’s ‘unspoiled beauty’

The film follows the life of Kya played by British actress Daisy Edgar-Jones (Alamy Stock Photo)
The film follows the life of Kya played by British actress Daisy Edgar-Jones (Alamy Stock Photo)

The film adaptation of Delia Owens’ novel Where The Crawdads Sing has landed on Netflix.

The viewer is transported to a far away world, as they follow the life of Kya, played by British actress and Normal People star Daisy Edgar-Jones. The film splits between her life as a child growing up isolated in the marshes of North Carolina, and the investigation into the apparent murder of Chase Andrews, Kya’s former boyfriend.

And while Daisy Edgar-Jones’ acting is mesmerising, it’s hard not to be distracted by he movie’s gorgeous scenery involving an ethereal marsh, with overhanging trees and lots of wildlife.

In the novel, these marshes are in North Carolina, but the US state of Louisiana provided the filming locations for what we see on screen.

And the good news is that these state parks and small towns are open to the public. So if watching the mystery thriller has you crying out to go off-grid and explore some of North America’s natural, unspoiled beauty, it might be time to take a trip to Louisiana. There are even places where you can paint local wildlife or boat on the lakes, just as Kya would have done in the film.

Where is Where The Crawdads Sing filmed?

Lafayette Street, Houma

Lafayette Street in Houma stood in for Barkley Cove, the fictional southern town from which Kya is ostracised. To transform it back to the 1960s, the production used vintage cars, new storefronts, and extras in old-fashioned clothing to achieve the look. Local businesses were also converted into other shops, such as a hardware store and movie theatre.

Fontainebleau state park, Mandeville

This state park was the setting for the majority of the marshland scenes. The park contains forests and beaches, as well as marshes, offering a diverse eco-system.

Some scenes were shot along a forested nature trail, stuffed with native trees and plants: water oaks and sweet gums, as well as yaupon and dog fennel that provide a playground for dragonflies. You can also visit Kya’s beach by doing a boat tour with Louisiana Tours and Adventures, which will take you from beaches packed with families to one that’s more secluded and completely wild. You can also rent canoes and kayaks.

Fairview riverside state park, Madisonville

The Fairview riverside state park is situated on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain and provided the setting for Kya’s home. This area encompasses 80,000 acres of wetland, much of it a wildlife refuge. However, it’s not accessible to vistors at all times of year. Despite filming from April to July the shoot was plagued with extreme weather, with lightning storms, floods and high temperatures.

Historic St Bernard Parish Courthouse, Chalmette

Some of the most intense scenes of the story take place in the courtroom where Kya is standing trial for murder. Built in 1916, the 16,800 square foot St Bernard Parish Courthouse is now a post office and a library, but was taken back to its roots for filming. It’s open to vistors, with free entry.

Otis House, Madisonville

The tax man’s office is a musueum in Fairview Riverside state park. This 1880s Queen Anne–style house was left to the State of Louisiana after the last private owner passed away in 1962.

Where the Crawdads Sing is available on Netflix now.

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