Where Is The Baby Toon From Shark Tank Today?

Elephant Baby Toon
Elephant Baby Toon - Munchkin

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When 10-year-old Cassidy Crowley appeared with her mother, Lori Crowley, on Season 11, Episode 1 of "Shark Tank," she surprised and impressed the Sharks by eloquently pitching her thoughtful invention, the Baby Toon — a soft teether-baby spoon with no sharp edges, easy and safe for babies to grip and feed themselves. Cassidy convinced Shark Lori Greiner to invest in her unique idea, inspired by sisterly love; today, the brand is going strong.

Cassidy was inspired to invent the Baby Toon after participating in the Honolulu District Science and Engineering Fair. She was tasked with addressing an issue that concerned her. She remembered how her mom would stress as her infant sister Emily, like many small children, would shove her spoon into her mouth, risking injury. To alleviate her mother's fears and protect Emily, Cassidy conceived the Baby Toon.

Cassidy presented her concept at the science fair, receiving encouragement to develop it further. She gained support from Collin Kobayashi of 3D Innovations, who helped create the Baby Toon prototype, eventually partnering with a manufacturer to distribute the Baby Toon to several retailers across Hawaii. It wasn't long before Cassidy found her way onto "Shark Tank."

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The Baby Toon Found An Investor On Shark Tank

Cassidy Crowley and Lori Crowley presenting The Baby Toon on Shark Tank
Cassidy Crowley and Lori Crowley presenting The Baby Toon on Shark Tank - ABC/Sony Pictures Television/YouTube

Standing alongside her mother Lori Crowley, Cassidy Crowley opened her pitch on "Shark Tank" by asking for $50,000 from the Sharks in exchange for 50% of her company. After Cassidy charismatically shared her inspiration for the Baby Toon and explained its function, Lori added that it could be fastened to a baby's shirt using a pacifier clip. This would prevent the baby from throwing the Baby Toon on the floor so it won't get dirty, create a mess, or get tripped over later.

The presentation earned applause from the Sharks before they tested her patented Baby Toon on poi — a mashed taro paste Hawaiians often use as baby food. Cassidy said she'd made $5,000 selling spoons over the course of the year prior to appearing on "Shark Tank." The cost of making the Baby Toon was $6.60 per spoon, but they were selling it for $15 each, which impressed Mark Cuban. He remarked to Cassidy, "Good for you!"

Despite her ingenuity, charm, intelligence, and presentation, it seemed Cassidy wouldn't find a partner in one of the Sharks. Kevin Harrington told her, "You're so impressive but I don't understand the baby space so [...] I'm out." Kevin O'Leary added, "I don't want [Cassidy] to quit school. It's a little early. I'm out." However, she would find a believer in Lori Greiner. The "Queen of QVC" told Cassidy, "I have to be along with this journey. I'm giving you $50,000 for 50%."

The Baby Toon Is Selling Well After Shark Tank

Alligator Baby Toon
Alligator Baby Toon - Munchkin

After Cassidy Crowley convinced Lori Greiner to partner with her during that memorable pitch on "Shark Tank," customers began clamoring for the Baby Toon and the product took off like a rocket. The company repriced the spoon from $15 to $6, making it very affordable. They also began making the Baby Toon in Lime Alligator, Blue Koala, and Mint Elephant to provide a wider selection of colors and animal shapes for customers to choose from.

Prior to appearing on "Shark Tank," Cassidy was already in business talks with Munchkin, a company that specializes in creating novel products for infants and kids that will lessen the stress and concern of their parents. Cassidy's company finalized its licensing deal with Munchkin in 2021, after which the retailer began selling the Baby Toon, soon followed by Amazon and Target. The popularity of the product is evidenced by its glowing user reviews online.

Customers Love The Baby Toon

A Baby Toon
A Baby Toon - Munchkin

It only takes one glance at the customer reviews of the Baby Toon on Amazon to see that the product consistently delivers satisfaction. The Baby Toon has over 2,000 ratings on Amazon and 85% give the product five stars, resulting in a 4.8 overall rating. Cassidy Crowley intended for the Baby Toon to make eating safer for small children, and it seems that she has accomplished that goal. One Amazon shopper said, "I love that it prevents my baby from choking." Some buyers have even declared that the Baby Toon reigns supreme over all other baby utensils. Another Amazon customer wrote, "These are THE best infant spoons!"

The customer reviews of the Baby Toon on Target echo the opinions of Amazon shoppers, as the product also boasts nearly 5 stars from 119 review ratings. One customer shared their appreciation for the Baby Toon's dual purpose, writing in their 5-star review, "Love the teether and spoon two in one." While Cassidy's unique invention continues to do well on the market, as the Baby Toon has a current net worth of $1 million, Cassidy's inspiring journey of entrepreneurship has garnered recognition.

The Baby Toon Was A Legendary Pitch

Cassidy Crowley smiling on Shark Tank
Cassidy Crowley smiling on Shark Tank - ABC/Sony Pictures Television/YouTube

There don't seem to be any upcoming plans for Cassidy Crowley's company to make any other products. However, while customers wait on her next invention, they can always look back at her and her mom's unforgettable appearance on "Shark Tank" to keep them excited for her next idea, since her Baby Toon presentation is regarded as one of the best pitches ever made on the show. The producers honored Cassidy on the "Greatest Of All Time" episode of "Shark Tank," which aired in 2020.

Cassidy demonstrated tremendous maturity and gumption in her pursuit of making the Baby Toon a reality, which is inspiring for young people all over the world. She also helped make eating for babies and toddlers a little safer, and she helped make the lives of parents a little less stressful. It may have seemed highly unlikely for a 10-year-old to become the CEO of a thriving business with the help of a Shark from "Shark Tank," but Cassidy defied the odds because she was willing to follow her dreams. Speaking with 3D Innovations, she said, "I learned to just go for it because you never know unless you try!"

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