What's causing the heatwave in Britain and Europe?

Britain and Europe are experiencing a massive heatwave. Find out what might be causing it.

Video transcript

PETTERI TAALAS: In the future, these kind of heat waves are going to be normal, and we will see even stronger extremes. We have already pumped so much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere that the negative trend will continue for the coming decades.


JANEZ LENARCIC: This summer will be really serious challenge for us all. It all looks like this is the result of the climate change because the trends are unmistakable. While we may have here or there, let's say, less bad year, we have an increased frequency and intensity of forest fires if we look over the average over the years.

Last summer was bad already. Last summer we had nine activations of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism for forest fires. This year, we already have had five, and the height of the summer is still ahead of us.

AARON SMALLSHAW: Well, we knew it was going to be hot, but I think it's peaked at over 37 today.

- Does it make you worry about climate change?

AARON SMALLSHAW: We're really acutely aware of the fact that these sorts of conditions are going to become more and more a common event.


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