'What a load of bull!' Council issues 'ridiculous' noise complaint over cow's mooing

Nadine Carroll

Georgie Grant couldn’t believe her eyes when she received a written complaint from the Gold Coast City Council about her cow making too much noise.

“How do you stop a cow from mooing? Any tips would be appreciated,” she posted on Facebook along with a photo of the alleged noise-maker and the letter from council.

“One of my lovely neighbours filed a complaint to Council about my cow mooing!” she said in the post.

Ms Grant lives on an eight-acre rural property in Bonogin, South East Queensland, and identified the noise-maker as a black cow named Dexter.

Dexter the cow (left) and the noise complaint sent from council saying he moos too loud (right).
Dexter the cow (left) and the complaint sent from council saying he moos too loudly (right). Source: Facebook/Georgie Grant

The letter states that the person who lodged the complaint said the noise had been going on “for approximately three months” and detailed a specific incident at “9:30am on the 31 May 2019”.

The council suggested Ms Grant may not realise that her cows were making noise.

“You may not even be aware that your livestock are causing a noise nuisance and wish to bring this to your attention,” the letter said.

Council then urged Ms Grant to “take time to monitor” the cow’s behaviour and “take appropriate actions”.

If Ms Grant fails to stop Dexter from making more noise, council stated they will launch an investigation and that she may be issued with an infringement notice or face legal action.

A rural property.
Ms grant posted this photo of her rural property with no neighbours close by. Source: Facebook/Georgie Grant

Ms Grant said she isn’t sure which neighbour made the complaint about “sweet” Dexter, so she asked her closest neighbour if they could hear any noise.

“They all said they don’t hear my cow mooing, so I am not sure who the person is,” she said.

Ms Grant has owned her beloved cow for two years and believes he isn’t noisy.

“Dexter only moos when he is hungry, a moo here, a moo there... not constant,” she wrote.

Hundreds of people have commented on the post, with many saying they can’t believe council would follow up on such a ‘ridiculous’ complaint.

“Thats like asking the bloody birds to stop chirping at 4am in summer. How ridiculous, and council should know it’s a ridiculous request,” one person said.

As expected, there were plenty of puns.

“Just tell your neighbour to mooooooooooove away,” one person joked.

“What a load of bull,” another said.

“Looks like council needs a new department to deal with such high priority issues.....yep - Bulls**t Department.”

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