Western allies should not have limits on aid to Ukraine — Estonia

Alar Karis
Alar Karis

Given that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has no self-imposed “red lines” when it come to war against Ukraine, Kyiv’s Western partners should not restrict their military assistance, Estonian President Alar Karis said on April 3.

"Ukraine is in a state of war; Russia is not imposing any restrictions on its aggression towards Ukraine; therefore, we should not impose restrictions on the assistance provided to Ukraine," Estonian public broadcaster ERR quotes Karis.

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Karis added that Western restrictions "would only assist Russia in planning its strikes."

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He also said that Ukrainian strikes on Russian targets deep behind the front lines are legitimate and aim to slow down Russia's war machine.

"This is a war in which, on one side, there's a colonial evil invading, and on the other, international law is defending the independence of sovereign states," the president added.

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