We're in love with Solange’s new 'cowboy copper' red hair transformation

solange knowles on the 2019 met gala carpet in a snake print bazer with dark wavy hair
Solange debuts 'cowboy copper' red hair Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images

It's a big hairy week for the Knowles sisters, which is more glamorous than it sounds... Beyoncé has sent everyone into a frenzy with her eagerly anticipated hair care line Cécred, plus a series of absolute hair serves while promoting its launch. And now Solange has blessed us with a total hair transformation, sporting a new firey red hair colour for the cover of American Harper's Bazaar.

The XXL style falls down her back with the most stunning volume and texture, channelling 1970s divas with the brushed-out fluffy mane and teased-out curls. It would be pretty spectacular even if it wasn't also the debut of this intense flaming red spin on cowboy copper. These gals are really repping their home state in 2024 *listens to Texas Hold' Em for the 7462345624 time*.

The Diana Ross-esque 'do was the work of celebrity hairstylist and Dyson global ambassador Jawara, who's worked with Erykah Badu, Naomi Campbell, big sister Beyoncé and Diana Ross herself. So it's no surprise the diva vibes are immaculate.

One commenter even said; "@solangeknowles favors Diana Ross A LOT! She should play her in a biopic." We can't say the resemblance is strong for us, but baby, it's the hair!

We could stare at these shots alllll day, and everyone in the comments is loving it too:

"The hair is eating, I just screamed at 7am"

"Red hair era has been activated"

"Omggg! The red hair>>>>> 😍😍🔥"

"This hair looks fireee! for real haha 🌹"

New era loading?

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