'We're human, too': Tearful cyclist's desperate plea after group hit by truck on deadly road

Michael Duffy

A cyclist who survived being hit by a truck has made an impassioned plea for drivers to be aware, warning it won’t be long before someone is killed.

Sydney man Michael Long was one of five people hit by a truck on a notorious stretch of Southern Cross Drive early on Saturday morning.

“We’ve all got families, we’ve got children, we’ve got wives,” he said, fighting back tears.

Injured cyclist Michael Long. Source: 7News

“Just like the people in the cars ... we’re the same.”

Mr Long suffered seven fractured ribs, a punctured lung and a fractured collarbone in Saturday’s crash, but knows the result could have been worse.

Injured cyclist Michael Long. Source: 7News

Sadly for the members of the Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club, it is not the first time its riders have been injured on Southern Cross Drive, near the airport.

Back in 2014, a car slammed into the same cycling group on the same road.

Cyclists treated at the 2014 scene. Source: 7News

Luckily for Mr Long, he had slept in on that fateful morning and missed the ride.

“How guys didn’t get killed, I don’t know,” Eastern Suburbs Cycling Club spokesperson Colin Iremonger said, at the time.

Damge to the car in the 2014 crash. Source: 7News

“(The driver) hit them at a hell of a speed.”

In the most recent crash, the cyclists were knocked from their bikes and warn it won’t be long before someone is killed.

John Cadogan, a spokesman for motoring website Auto Expert said cyclists “shouldn’t be using” Southern Cross Drive after the latest accident.

A cyclist injured on Southern Cross Drive. Source: 7News

“If this was a workplace, you would absolutely not be able to ride a bicycle on Southern Cross Drive,” he said.

But the cycling group said awareness is the solution, calling for electronic billboards to warn the road users about riders, especially on Saturday mornings.

“(Motorists) need to know that riders are out there and there are lots of riders on this road,” Australian Cycle Alliance spokesperson Rudy Botha said.

Mangled bicycles. Source: 7News