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Wemby's MSG debut, 76ers slay the Celtics & should the Lakers panic? | No Cap Room

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Jake Fischer and Dan Devine talk about some of the biggest results and storylines coming out of a full slate of NBA basketball on Wednesday night.

After a night full of excellent NBA action, Jake Fischer and Dan Devine got together for another episode of No Cap Room to talk about all of the news and notes coming out of it.

First, Robert Williams’ injury is a bummer for the Trail Blazers and is probably being celebrated by the Boston Celtics front office that didn’t trust Williams to stay healthy. Jamal Murray’s hamstring injury will only keep him out for a few weeks, but that might be good enough for their young bench players to get a good look on the floor.

Dillon Brooks, now on the Rockets, did not hesitate to call out LeBron James before their matchup with the Lakers. Jake argues that more players should talk like Dillon Brooks does, and Dan argues that Brooks is a good player that also makes the league more fun.

Victor Wembanyama made his debut at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks, and he found it difficult to get his offense going. Jake was there and is still in awe of the young man’s ability to keep his composure under the bright lights of New York City.

Speaking of the Knicks, they’re pretty good! Their defense is great and there are signs that their offense is not as bad as it appears. But will they find the superstar to build around any time soon?

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Boston Celtics, leading Jake to believe that the team might search for a solid starter in the trade market instead of cashing in all of their chips for another superstar. This team is actually good! Also good is the Boston Celtics, and the guys take some time to defend Jaylen Brown from the haters.

Both the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers are off to slow starts, and dealing with injured star players, leading to the question of which team you’d rather be a part of right now. Jake weighs in, and Dan does his best to defend the other side.

Finally, we get to the Hot Jakes of the week, including a Western Conference Finals that Jake is dying to see and some opinions on the coated idea of the NBA extending out the Draft to two days.

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