Welsh fisherman would only be able to last four weeks after a no-deal Brexit

Fishing boats at Port Dinllaen. The Welsh Fisherman’s Association has warned that the industry would not last more than four weeks after a no-deal Brexit (Getty Images)

Fisherman in Wales would not be able to survive more than four weeks in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the Welsh Fisherman’s Association has warned.

The WFA said that shellfish fisherman were particularly at risk from disruption caused by any new border checks, and could go bust within a month.

90% of Welsh shellfish is currently exported to EU markets.

Fishing traps on the harbour at Conwy, North Wales (Getty Images)

Sion Williams, a WFA spokesman and fisherman who works in north Wales, told Farming Today: ‘What we do not want is problems getting the catch from Wales to the Continent.

‘Any delay in the transit of these commodities will cause a lot of problems because they a live shellfish and they need to be supplied as soon as possible.’

Mr Williams added that the shellfish sector could be the food sector hit hardest if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal.

He said: ‘It’s been calculated that the industry would not be able to hold ip more than four weeks of not being able to sell produce into Europe.

Countdown to Brexit: The key dates (PA Graphics)

‘It possibly would require financial help in the short term if out access to the market is restricted or stopped.’

The UK’s ports have issued dire warning of the consequences for imports and exports resulting from a no-deal exit from the EU.

The National Farmers’ Union warned earlier this month that no deal could result in lower food safety standards and less British produce on the shelves.

The NFU’s Gail Soutar said: ‘Ultimately, the British public will lose out, with less British food in the shops, less control over the standards to which imported food is produced, and fewer British farms operating at the heart of our rural communities and treasured landscapes.’