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Weird, wonderful ... why??? 60+ quirky items on Amazon you didn't know you needed — from $6

cat hand towel, angry mama microwave cleaner, lego bouquet, cake face mask
Admit it, your life could use a little more whimsy. And, oh boy, is Amazon here to help! (Amazon)

Amazon has literally everything, but unless you know what you're looking for, chances are you're missing out on some of the stranger items in stock. You could label some of the quirky products on this list as gag gifts, but there's a bit more to them than that! Most of of these products like this pug-eyed sleep mask unicorn-head squirrel feeder and toast-shaped hand warmers are more than just weird — they're also super practical!

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Such is the case with the following 60+ items, all of which are are fun, cheeky conversation pieces like this cereal candle or these light saber chopsticks. And they start at just $6. Ready to dive in?

Is that caked-on tomato sauce that's all over your microwave getting you down? Don't fret: The Angry Mama is here to help clean it off in a snap. Just fill her with vinegar and water, pop her into the microwave and heat for 5-8 minutes. That's it! While she's in there, the vents in her hair will release a mist of the water-vinegar mixture, which helps soften and release all of that food buildup. Then, you can simply wipe everything down, no harsh chemicals or intense scrubbing required!

$7 at Amazon

One brave customer put Mama to the real test: cleaning a microwave that had been neglected for years. The verdict? "Angry Mama is amazing!" they exclaimed. "I just tried this for the first time on my dad's microwave. As you can imagine a bachelor microwave to look like, it was messy. I did exactly as directed and it was an easy clean afterward! This is a life-changer for us! It has been years since his microwave had been cleaned and I was able to wipe the stuck-on food right off."

Now you can have your cake and slather it all over your face, too! This Funfetti-inspired mask is just as fun as it is effective: The colorful "sprinkles" make it look like a tub of frosting, and the birthday cake scent might just tempt you to take a bite. But you'll want to avoid eating this hydrating formula and instead feed it to your skin twice a week for a more refreshed, nourished complexion. It contains skin-care superheroes like hyaluronic acid, glacier water and squalane to plump and moisturize. 

$22 at Amazon

"So smooth, so luxurious," swooned a cake cosmetics convert. "It's a real treat. Skin is smooth and glowing. Friends and family compliment the healthy look, and I'm over 60 years old!"

Your kids' and grandkids' outdoor playtime just got way more fun, thanks to this next-level bubble gun. They'll be able to blow over 5,000 bubbles per minute, and solution is conveniently included. This battery-powered toy couldn't be easier to use — just dip the end of the bubble machine into the solution tray and pull the lever!

$18 at Amazon

"I bought this after seeing it on TikTok and let me tell you … It is soooooo much fun!" proclaimed a pleased parent. "It blows so many bubbles just like it does in the picture and both my daughters love it. If you’re thinking about it, just get it. It’s very well worth the money and you will not be disappointed!"

Bye-bye, (peanut) butterfingers! This extra-long knife was specifically designed to scoop every last bit of your favorite foodstuff from the jar when you just know there's enough in there for one more sandwich. Its curved end will reach into those corners, and the stainless steel blade helps you stir up natural peanut butters that tend to separate. When your friends see you wielding one of these, oh, will they be jelly!

$13 at Amazon

"It does EXACTLY what it says and does it well," wrote a nut butter buff. "The PB-Jife is exactly the perfect length for a wide variety of jars ... . The blade and handle connection were the point of biggest concern for me when buying it, but this thing is solid ... the construction is flawless ... It’s the only tool we use now for PB-style spreads and it allows my kiddos to make their own sandwiches while staying clean ... 100% recommend, especially for anyone needing assistance with large jars and natural PB stirring, and may have weaker hand strength (I also have arthritis in my hands, and being able to use this to cut through the PB while stirring with less hand strength than a regular knife was awesome). You can pry my PB-Jife from my cold, dead hands."

Keep those moisture rings off your coffee table with these super fun vinyl coasters, which even come with their own record player holder for storing when they're not in use. Each coaster has a small rubber disc on the bottom to keep them from slipping, and they're the perfect conversation starters for when you have company over. 

$12 at Amazon

"These coasters are adorable!" raved a retro reviewer. "I bought several to gift to friends who grew up on vinyl. They are sturdy, relatively thick and [a] good diameter, so sweat from glasses is caught on [the] coaster, and the record arm that secures [the] coasters has wonderful detail, just like a genuine turntable."

Not blessed with a green thumb? No worries! This bestselling Lego bouquet set lasts forever, requires zero maintenance and provides hours of entertainment!

$48 at Walmart
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$48 at Amazon$60 at Kohl's

"These are so gorgeous that people only notice they're Lego when I point it out to them, and are universally stunned," shared a shopper. "This was a very fun build, too. Highly recommend."

Isn't this charming snail soap dispenser the cutest? Not only will it make your kids actually want to wash their hands but it'll bring a smile to your face, too!

$9 at Amazon

"This little snail always brightens my day, and my guests absolutely adore him!" said a hygienic reviewer. "I have two and they both work great!"

Painfully generic name, awesomely inspired product! Have you ever wished you could bring your water and iced coffee on the go without having to schlep around two different drinking vessels? Well, your dreams can become a reality, thanks to this dual-sided bottle! It might look funky, but it's a true space-saver — and there's even a handy straw on each side!

$14 at Amazon

"My favorite thing I've EVER purchased on Amazon," gushed a happy hydrator. "I feel like this was made with me in mind. No more multiple cups if I want a protein shake and water, or iced coffee and water ... If you normally have 2+ beverages going at once, you won’t regret buying this."

These sticky spheres might technically be for kids, but you'll have just as much fun with them! Throw them at the wall or ceiling and marvel at how they adhere without leaving any trace of residue — so satisfying, and a great way to relieve some tension. Of course, you can also just enjoy squishing them around, too. 

$10 at Amazon

"These are so much fun! I have a blast with these, and I am a 28-year-old man," stated a shameless shopper. "My nephew, who is five, loves 'em too, so everyone is having fun. Rinse 'em in water to clean and they are back in sticky action. No stickiness left on your hand, either!"

Why use cubed ice to chill your drinks when you can use ice shaped like states? So fun, and the nonstick silicone material makes for easy removal. 

$9 at Amazon

"The coolest ice cube tray," wrote a five-star fan. "I never thought I’d spend so much time choosing which ice cube to put in my drink, but here we are. This is the best."

Never forget your keys again, thanks to this adorable yet practical cloud holder. Simply stick it onto a wall near your front door, place your keys on its magnetic side and they'll always be in view when you're ready to head out. 

$8 at Amazon

"The BEST thing I bought for my new apartment," raved a satisfied shopper. "I may live in a studio, but it was inevitable that I was going to lose my keys ... with this, it’s pretty impossible to lose them! It’s small, but I’m able to fit my house keys, car keys and even my work badge. HIGHLY recommend!"

Make your chores a little more fun with this "Dustache" dustpan and brush set. Its compact size makes it great for sweeping up smaller messes, and who could resist that face?

$14 at Amazon

"This hangs in my kitchen and gives me a little chuckle every time I see it," shared an amused customer. "It is perfect for getting crumbs off my counter. It is quite small, but that was exactly what I was looking for. If you have to clean, you might as well enjoy it as much as possible!"

This dumpster fire organizer will have your desk looking like less of a ... dumpster fire. Irony! It'll contain your pencils, pens, paper clips and other small accessories, and it comes with over 100 flame-shaped notecards. 

$14 at Amazon

"This thing is solid!" exclaimed an excited fan. "Super sturdy and such cute details. Gave this as a gift and immediately received pictures of it in a prominent place on their desk. I might buy a couple more to keep in case a coworker needs a laugh during a rough day at the office!"

TikTokers love this slushie-making cup, and so will you! Just freeze the cup, add your sweet drink of choice, squeeze for a few minutes, and voila — a refreshing slushie right at home!

$16 at Amazon

"I tried this cup and it really does work in seconds," shared an impressed reviewer. "I froze the cup and then added cold juice to try it out and began squeezing. And, in seconds, the juice started to freeze into a slushie consistency. I’ve purchased additional ones for friends."

This cute little octopus contains black mud, cellulose beads and marine ingredients to gently exfoliate your skin while removing blackheads, whiteheads and pore gunk for a fresh, smooth complexion. Skincare, but make it fun!

$13 at Amazon
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$13 at Ulta Beauty$15 at REVOLVE

"This lil guy is awesome!" exclaimed an excited shopper. "I noticed a difference after the first use. And with every use, my pores and skin look and feel SOOOO much better, seriously ... Try this lil guy out and see for yourself."

If you must clean your toilet, you should have something amusing to do the dirty work with, at the very least! This cheery cherry brush has a long handle to help you reach those crevices, and when it's not in use, it'll give your b-room a fun pop of color.

$18 at Amazon

"The most fun you've ever had cleaning the toilet," wrote a bowled-over fan. "So fun and whimsical. Potty humor at its finest."

This adorable kitty towel is just purr-fect for the kitchen or bathroom, and would make a fun gift for the feline lover in your life. Available in 28 breeds — er, designs!

$17 at Amazon

"This towel is hilarious and apparently realistic, because the dog got super jealous of the kitty cat in the house," shared a five-star shopper. "I bought it as a gift, and do not regret."

A ravioli-shaped spoon rest for holding sauce-covered kitchen tools? Yes, please! This dishwasher-safe stuffed pasta is both hilarious and practical, and will make preparing dinner all the more enjoyable. 

$17 at Amazon

"When my husband got home he asked why I had just left a piece of ravioli out on the counter. He thought it was real!" wrote an Amazon reviewer. "This product has worked perfectly for keeping our counters clean from spoons with food on them from stirring. Very easy to clean."

Why might one need a yodeling pickle? For endless amusement, of course! It comes with batteries and provides hours of Swiss Alps–style enjoyment. Best of all? No briny smell!

$13 at Amazon

"It's a yodeling pickle ... what's not to love!" exclaimed a good-humored reviewer. "It's so fun ... we keep it on our kitchen table and when anyone's feeling like it, they hit the button and we all laugh. Just plain fun!"

Hand washing just became a lot more fun, thanks to this paw print-shaped foaming soap! It'll make kids actually want to clean their little fingies, and adults will love its scent and moisturizing rice water formula.

$12 at Amazon

"I’ve been wanting this soap for years and finally treated myself," wrote an impressed fan. "Glad I did. It’s fun, puts a smile on my face, makes my hands clean and smell nice, too! What else could you want from soap? Buy some and bring a bright moment to every day!"

Place a bouquet in this vintage-inspired OJ-carton vase and it'll make the cheeriest centerpiece you ever did see. It's just quirky enough to be a conversation starter but so charming that you'll want it on display 24/7.

$27 at Amazon

"This is such a cute little decor statement piece," said a five-star customer. "The quality is really great. It’s ceramic and the design on it doesn’t seem like it will fade or anything like that. I love it."

Hate when the tag of your tea bag slips into your mug? No more, thanks to these trusty snails! Wait, snails? Yes, these silicone cuties hook right onto the edge of your cup so you can twist your tea bag strings around them to keep things nice and secure. Plus, they'll add some cheer to even the most hectic mornings.

$7 at Amazon

"Love these fun little quirky tea slugs," gushed a happy reviewer. "They work on all shapes and sizes of mugs and have brought a smile to all who either used them or were the lucky recipients of their own batch of tea slugs from me. They clean up well with just a quick rinse under the sink and are even fun to use on wine or cocktail glasses to help guests track their drink."

Kids and adults alike will love breaking open these unassuming hand-picked rocks to uncover dazzling crystal interiors, which can then be displayed. The kit, which has some 22,000 perfect five-star ratings, also includes an educational learning guide and safety goggles.

$30 at Amazon

"These geodes are great for kids and adults to break open and explore," wrote a rockin' reviewer. "Each one is a treasure hunt. Nobody knows what the next one will hold ... Great fun!"

May the fork be with you? No! Fans of Star Wars and Asian cuisine will adore these light saber chopsticks. Oh, who are we kidding — anyone would! They're made of BPA-free plastic with built-in LED lights, and you get two pairs ... batteries included. 

$9 at Amazon

"Sushi will never be the same," wrote a satisfied customer.

We'd like to think that if Batman needed to find his way to the fridge for a wee-hours snack, these would light the way. In the meantime, anyone who works with their hands in the dark or at night (we're looking at you, DIY mechanics, electricians and motorcycle riders). They're basically fingerless gloves with LED flashlights built into the index fingers, and if they don't strike up a conversation we don't know what will.

$13 at Amazon

"I honestly can't imagine not having these now," one lit-up reviewer wrote. "They are so useful in tight dark situations that it should be in every person's household. ... Just buy it, you won't regret it."

Bring your recycling game to the next level with this heavy-duty can crusher that can take on 12-ounce aluminum cans as well as plastic bottles. You'll be saving space in the garbage pail and making fewer trips to the trash can.

$16 at Amazon

"I've done over 500 cans easily and problem free," said one five-star shopper.

In the age of smartphones, we have cameras in our pockets every day. But it's nice to remember there are actual professional-quality cameras still out there by keeping a replica on your desk in the form of this coffee mug made to look exactly like the lens of an SLR camera. It's lined with food-grade stainless steel and comes with its own little spoon for stirring.

$9 at Amazon

"My friend loves his cup. He gets compliments at work all the time he says. Really unique cool gift for photographers or people who just like to snap a good photo," wrote a generous gifter.

No, this is not a street-fight arsenal for leprechauns — it's a set of mini envelope and package openers! These four axe-like tools come with stainless steel blades and rosewood handles. Wee chains and leather sheaths let you carry them safely.

$17 at Amazon

"These are so cute," said this customer. "They are also sharp! I bought them as a gift for my husband. He put one on his keychain and uses it as a box cutter at work. Great set."

Grossed out by your cruddy toothpaste cap? Make them a thing of the past with this genius invention: a food-grade silicone, BPA-free self-closing cap that fits any standard toothpaste tube and eliminates the mess caused in the morning when you're bleary-eyed and can't be trusted to brush your teeth neatly. Great for kids' bathrooms.

$6 at Amazon

"This product has helped eliminate the toothpaste on the counters in my boys’ bathroom! They never seemed to remember to put the caps back on, so now I have a product that outsmarts their forgetfulness!" wrote a grateful shopper.

In the mood to scribble all over your body? Maybe you know a kid who would relish in using their skin as a canvas? Why get a real tattoo when you can experiment to your heart's content with these No. 1 bestselling markers? Use the included stencils or go freehand — it all washes off with soap and water!

$25 at Amazon

A creative shopper wrote, "These markers work very well for what I wanted to use them for, which was writing notes on my hand that last at least a day, even with frequent hand washing. The marker will eventually come off, but it takes some intentional scrubbing to fully remove it the same day it is applied."

"This was such a great gift for my sushi-loving, sneaker-collecting, cool sock–wearing son! Everything is high quality and the presentation is perfect," wrote a customer.

Bring your spelling skills to the next level with this book filled with frustrating examples of every exception to the rule in the English language. It's 'quinoa' with a 'q,' 'czar' with a 'c,' 'gnocchi' with a 'g' and 'tsunami' with a 't,' in case you were wondering! And yes, many of these words are rooted in foreign languages. Who knew (with a 'k')?

$9 at Amazon

"Best book EVER!!! My daughter and I both get a kick out of this book. I have a bit of a warped sense of humor, so I love all the different odds and ends when it comes to good literature and creativity, and this does an amazing job of bringing different and interesting words into the alphabet rather then your boring norm 'A is for apple'!" wrote a reviewer.

"I loved Al so much, I sent one to each of my sisters. Not only is he whimsical, he’s fairly accurate. I’m making excuses to make pasta just so I can hear the tunes," wrote one Mack Aroni (we're guessing).

This silly cereal bowl with spoon is actually a scented candle, but it looks so realistic. It uses mostly soy wax but also vegetable wax and beeswax, and each bowl is a handmade work of art. The French vanilla–scented candle isn't just one lump of wax, either. You assemble the pieces yourself! It honestly doesn't get more fun than this. See all 13 'food' options!

$21 at Amazon

"It smells and looks like the real thing, so much so that I played a few pranks with it,"