Your weekly horoscope by Sade The Astrology Vixen (15-21 Sept)

  (Mark Tegethoff Unsplash )
(Mark Tegethoff Unsplash )


If your plans have haphazardly been falling by the wayside due to unexpected cancellations or trying to put out fires, it might be nice to know that you could soon see an uptick in order and efficiency.


It’s time to give your home a side serving of feng shui. Our homes mirror our inner world, so if your emotions feel like spaghetti on the wall, perhaps a clear landscape can help curb the urge to dive into the void.


You can’t get the breakthrough moment if you’re not willing to get your hands dirty. Lean into an experimental rendezvous to come out on the other side with something completely unanticipated.


There is no shame in asking for an extra pair of hands. If you want to buy back some time, this is the moment to command and direct your loved ones to support you in lifting some burdens.


What does it look like to have a healthy budget? Completely swinging into hyper hoarding mode isn’t the solution, as it’ll only build up and result in an indulgent splurge. Find a happy medium.


How valuable you want the world to see you isn’t an accurate measure of your self worth. Excellence is achieved in microsteps, so don’t pin yourself to society’s unrealistic ideals.


What fears are controlling how much risk you’re willing to take? Without new plot twists, there is no chance of adventure. Our lives are a build-up of stories so make the choice, even if you’re scared.


Now is a good time to consider your beliefs when it comes to love and intimacy. You may realise that you’ve been putting ‘what if’ labels on potential prospects that cupid has already sent your way.


Different versions of ourselves look for fulfilment from different dreams. Some may feel like an oxymoron. Some follow roads we never thought we would pursue but definitely should.


Feeling a touch of unreconciled teenage angst? All of the cynical quips you make are about to be demystified. You’ll soon see where you’ve traded your forgotten dreams for empty comforts.


Use your quick wit to challenge the right things, or you may slip into the trope of an antagonist without purpose. You have the gift to deconstruct narrow minds and expand their world view — and yours.


Shifting gears in your career zone may not be as simple as it seems, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right. Zoom out to discover how many components are involved to manoeuvre strategically around it.