'Best in seven months': Heavy rainfall predicted after destructive bushfires

Parts of Australia’s east coast could be in for the heaviest rainfall since March.

Bushfires have ravaged parts of northern NSW with hearts broken around the small town of Rappville after about 30 houses were destroyed along with the town's hall and a mill.

fire also ripped through Laidley in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley on Tuesday.

But Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe is predicting areas between Brisbane and Sydney to be hit by the heaviest rainfall in more than six months by the end of the week.

“We’re looking at some pretty handy falls across NSW and into Queensland,” Mr Sharpe told news.com.au.

Mr Sharpe added Brisbane in particular could receive the “best rain in seven months” if more than 20mm falls.

It is a far cry from the searing hot temperatures which hit NSW and the ACT on Labour Day.

NSW and the ACT

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney will receive between 4mm and 10mm on Friday and between 8mm and 15mm on Saturday.

Thursday will see a high of 19 degrees with 0 to 4mm of rain expected.

Temperatures will also reach a top of about 19 across the weekend due to southwesterly winds blowing across the state from Wednesday.

A kangaroo with a joey in her pouch sits in drought-affected Dubbo during minor rainfall last month. Source: Getty Images

Drought-affected Coonabarabran, which sits on the divide between the NSW Central West and North West Slopes regions, is due for 3mm to 10mm on Friday with similar temperatures to Sydney at the weekend.

On Thursday, expect a high of 21 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

Other areas including Dubbo, Wellington and Narromine are forecast for between 1mm and 8mm on Friday after a high of 23 is forecast for Thursday with little rain expected.

Lismore, about 84km from Rappville, is due for a drenching with between 3mm and 10mm predicted for Friday before an expected 25mm to 35mm on Saturday.

Expect partly cloudy conditions on Thursday with a high of 23.

Tweed Heads will cop 30 to 45mm on Saturday. As for Thursday and Friday, residents are in for about 0mm to 1mm and 4mm to 10mm respectively.

Temperatures will sit in the low 20s before showers clear on Sunday.

In Canberra, only light showers are forecast with 0-3mm on Friday. Temperatures will reach a maximum of 16 leading into Sunday before it slightly warms to 19.

The clouds should clear on Sunday too.

Thursday will be partly cloudy with a maximum of 18.

Sydney residents can expect light rain across the weekend. Source: Getty Images (file pic)


In Queensland, cooler onshore winds have helped ease conditions.

Laidley is expected to receive between 3mm to 10mm of rain on Friday followed by 15 to 30mm on Saturday.

Little to no rain is forecast for Thursday with temperatures in the mid to low 20s.

Brisbane’s also in for a soaking with 2mm to 6mm predicted on Friday and 15 to 35mm to start the weekend.

Temperatures in the southeast and areas west of Brisbane will sit around the mid to low 20s from Thursday onwards.

A man in a poncho crosses the street in Brisbane's CBD. The city could receive as much as 30mm of rain on Saturday. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

The showers are expected to clear on Sunday.

Central Queensland will experience some showers too but nothing like their southern neighbours.

Rockhampton is predicted to receive 5-10mm on Saturday with temperatures in the high 20s.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday will see some overcast conditions. Expect the temperature to rise to the low 30s on Sunday.

Further north, and Prosperine in the Whitsundays could receive less than 5mm on Friday with as little as 0-2mm on Saturday with a high of 31. Thursday will see a high of 30 with little to no rain.

Far North Queensland is unlikely to receive any rain at all. Cairns is forecast for partly cloudy conditions from Thursday through to the weekend with temperatures topping the low 30s.

A weather map showing the cooling across the southeast. Source: Windy.com


Melbourne residents can expect partly cloudy conditions through to the weekend with temperatures as high as 19 before it hits 21 on Sunday.

Mallacoota in East Gippsland can expect light showers with 1mm to 5mm expected on Friday and 0mm and 1mm on Saturday.

Conditions will be a tad cooler than Melbourne with temperatures sitting just below 20 through to next week.

South Australia

South Australians can expect temperatures to sit in the high teens to low 20s going through to the weekend with cloudy skies but no rain.

Adelaide residents will have residents in the low 20s through to Saturday before it slightly warms to 25 on Sunday.

It will be much warmer in the northern parts of the state though with Roxby Downs and Leigh Creek forecast for temperatures ranging between the high 20s to low 30s across the weekend.

Adelaide residents enjoy a sunset. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Western Australia

West Australians can expect some light showers.

Saturday brings up to 5mm of rain for Perth with a high of 24. Temperatures will not differ much leading up to the weekend or on Sunday.

Expect partly cloudy skies.

In the state’s south, Walpole is predicted to receive 2mm to 5mm rainfall on Friday with a high of 20.

Possible light showers will continue across the weekend with temperatures dropping just slightly to about a maximum of 18 degrees.

Northern Territory

Darwin residents can expect little reprieve from the heat with temperatures sitting at a maximum of 34 from Thursday through to Monday.

Alice Springs residents can expect temperatures in the low 30s before it reaches 35 on Friday and 37 on Saturday.

Sunday is forecast for a high of 39.


Hobart is in for light showers on Thursday with about 1mm to 3mm rainfall before it clears on Saturday.

Expect a maximum of 14 before it warms to a high of 18 on Sunday.

Launceston residents can expect similar conditions.

Despite the rain, the country has about a 25 to 35 per cent chance of exceeding median rainfall between October to December.

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