Week 8's top NFL game: Steelers-Ravens rivalry heats up with high stakes in AFC

Yahoo Sports Staff
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Yahoo Sports NFL senior writers Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor select a Week 8 game that will leave us buzzing into Monday.

Robinson’s must-watch
Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

We’re back to this being one of the best games of the NFL season. Someone is going to have to step forward to go toe-to-toe with the Kansas City Chiefs down the stretch in the AFC, and it’s more than likely going to be the winner of this game.

This outcome could also influence one more trade deadline move by one of these franchises, as they seek to either distance themselves from the pack or fix a nagging issue before the home stretch.

Paylor’s must-watch
Steelers at Ravens

The “America's Game” episode on the 2008 Steelers is one of the best the NFL Films documentary series has to offer. Mike Tomlin, Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu are incredible in it, and one of the highlights is watching Tomlin say the same thing — "It's a five-star matchup because we're in it," he said, wide-eyed — before every showdown against the Ravens.

Well, folks, this weekend's game between the Ravens (5-1) and Steelers (6-0) is absolutely a five-star matchup.

Baltimore needs this game badly. It must defend home turf if it wants to win the AFC North for the third straight season, and giving Pittsburgh a two-game lead in the race for the AFC's No. 1 seed would be a gut punch.

So expect the best the Ravens have to offer. And if the Steelers find a way to win anyway, the rest of the league will officially know that Pittsburgh is a legit Super Bowl contender.

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