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Week 18 Fantasy Football Recap: Cardinals fire Kingsbury, Lions bury the Packers, Seahawks & Jaguars are playoff-bound

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Matt Harmon is joined by Dalton Del Don to recap all of the craziness from week 18, which featured a lot of teams resting their starters or with nothing to play for. That didn’t stop the Detroit Lions, though, who played for pride and kept the Green Bay Packers out of the playoffs.

The guys talk through all of the games, paying special attention to the teams that missed out on the playoffs and what questions they will face in the offseason. The Arizona Cardinals kicked off their offseason by opening up their head coach and GM positions, leading Matt and Dalton to wonder who would want that job.

After marveling at the one-year turnaround of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Matt and Dalton also marvel at what Pete Carroll and Geno Smith were able to do wtih the Seattle Seahawks in the post-Russ era. Also, what would a Sean McVay-led rebuild look like for the Rams?

Love Smith gave the Texans two middle fingers on his way out the door and we loved it, the Panthers players did everything they could to win Steve Walks a job, a Ronald Jones sighting, a Kenny Golladay TD, and singing Happy Birthday to George Kittle’s grandmother are all included on this very fun episode!

02:55 Lions 20, Packers 16

09:10 Bills 35, Patriots 23

14:15 Bengals 27, Ravens 16

15:30 Jaguars 20, Titans 16

22:45 Seahawks 19, Rams 16

29:20 Dolphins 11, Jets 6

32:35 Texans 32, Colts 31

36:55 Vikings 29, Bears 13

39:35 Panthers 10, Saints 7

41:20 Chiefs 31, Raiders 13

44:00 Eagles 22, Giants 16

46:20 Commanders 26, Cowboys 6

49:30 Steelers 28, Browns 14

54:30 49ers 38, Cardinals 13

58:35 Broncos 31, Chargers 28

61:30 Falcons 30, Buccaneers 17

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