Week 17 DFS Values

Tank Williams runs through his "Ballers on a Budget" — focusing on a few players who have DFS value this week.

Video transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: What it do, baby? It's your boy T Money with my week 17 "Ballers on a Budget." First we start off with Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers going against those Minnesota Vikings. He's $27.

And I'll just say like this. There's nothing scarier than Aaron Rodgers when he has that poop-eating grin on his face and he has nothing to lose. And both of those instances are true as they're trying to make a run for the playoffs. He's going against one of the worst pass defenses in the league. We already talked about the Titans. The Vikings are that other trio, that other duo.

And this is going to be something that's magically delicious for Aaron Rodgers. He's been waiting for this match-up. They bombarded him in week one. I think he totally redeems himself this week. Make sure you get my man A Rod locked up into that lineup.

Now at running back, I'm going with Brian Robinson versus the Cleveland Browns. He's $22. If you haven't already noticed, the Cleveland Browns are once again the poop emojis. They're not in the playoff running, so everything's going to go downhill. Even when they were vying for the playoffs, they gave up the third most fantasy points to running backs. I expect that to go downhill even more so now that they don't have anything to play for.

And the only thing those cats on defense got on their mind is somewhere beach-like in a couple of weeks. And so make sure you get Brian Robinson in your lineup, because you know what? Antonio Gibson hasn't practiced all this week. This is a match-up that you don't want to miss. Lock in Brian Robinson.

At wide receiver, I got Allan Lazard. He's $15. He only went 5 for 61 last week, but you know who he's going against? That Minnesota Vikings defense. And if there's nothing that I can say to convince you otherwise it's this, I'm going to go back and talk about the quarterbacks. Mac Jones threw for damn near 400 yards against this defense, and then Daniel Jones threw for 334 yards against this defense, and he had guys like Richie James and Isaiah Hodgins getting off on him.

So if those cats could get off, best believe Aaron Rodgers with that poop-eating grin and Allan Lazard can get off. And he doesn't have to battle Christian Watch for any targets. This should be a layup. Make sure you don't miss it.

Now at tight end, I'm going with Cole Kmet at Etroit. He's $17. I will no longer pronounce the D in Etroit, because Carolina ran for over 250 yards in the first half against the Detroit Lions. And guess what? Justin Fields is trying to go after Lamar Jackson's rushing record for a quarterback in the season.

There's no way the Chicago Bears aren't going to try to go for that, And there's no way the Etroit Lions can stop them. And so when you're putting all that attention on trying to stop Justin Fields in the run game, oh, they're going to give up some layups at the tight end and the Etroit Lions give up the fifth most fantasy points to tight ends.

There it is, folks. Remember, the T is for the money, and the money is something that you will not have in your wallet if you do not get these guys in your lineup.