'I am crying': 93-year-old Scottish granny's 'adorable' COVID-19 message melts hearts

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

An adorable message from a Scottish granny to her family melted the internet on Wednesday, after it was shared by her granddaughter to Twitter.

The sprightly 93-year-old was filmed sharing her pearls of wisdom for surviving these trying times, and included quite a rousing message to the virus itself, saying: ‘There is no getting rid of me!’

'Wee granny's' infectious smile has spread through the internet, with her sweet message bringing comfort. Photo: Twitter/islaanne1

Initially filmed as a message to her grandchildren who are unable to visit because of the pandemic, the video was uploaded to Twitter by granddaughter Isla, and has since gone viral.

“Got this update from my wee granny,” Isla wrote alongside the video. “93 and still going strong.”

The woman, who has since become known officially as ‘wee granny’, can be seen talking to the camera from her doorway, looking upbeat and cheerful.

“Hello everybody, I'm still here,” she begins. “I'll tell you I'm like a bad penny, there's no getting rid of me.”

She goes on to sternly remind her grandkids, and by extension the internet, to follow the guidelines we have been given.

“I hope you're keeping well and doing what you're told,” she says. “Keep to the rules and youse will all be fine - it will pass.”

“Bye-bye now, I love you all (and) think about you a lot.”

‘The granny we need’: Wee Granny goes viral

The video has been viewed by millions, and inspired thousands. Photo: Twitter

The heartwarming moment has struck a chord with thousands, many of whom are now devoted followers of ‘wee granny’.

The video has been viewed by more than seven million users, and has been liked more than 400,000 times.

“Can we please get updates from #WeeGranny like, daily?!” one fan asked. “She legit made me feel better than anyone yet in this catastrophe. Go Granny!!”

“Is it okay to pretend she was speaking to us all?” another wondered, on behalf of us all. “Hope you get to hug her again soon.”

“Oh my goodness I am crying,” another wrote.

“Wee granny is the granny the world needs right now,” another declared.

In the most encouraging response, many vowed to ramp up their isolation efforts, specifically to keep ‘wee granny’ safe.

“WE MUST PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS,” one man wrote, hundreds more agreeing with him.

So if you needed any extra motivation to stay home, and stay safe, wee granny is here to help.

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