Hanson: 'We have to take a strong stance against Muslims'

Mel Buttigieg

Controversial One Nation party leader Pauline Hanson has received flack from a recent video posted online comparing Muslims to “dangerous” pit bull terriers.

In the video, in response to the Orlando massacre in which 50 people were killed and 53 others were injured, Hanson urges Australians to pressure the Turnbull Government to stop Muslim immigrants entering Australia.

Pauline Hanson has copped flack for video likening Muslims to dangerous dogs in the wake of the Orlando massacre. Picture: Facebook/Pauline Hanson Please Explain

“We have to take a strong stance against Muslims, strong stance against Islam and its teachings and its beliefs,” she says in the video.

“We have laws here that we don't bring in pit bull terriers because they're a danger to our society… we have laws in place to protect Australians.

“So if we know this is the case with terrorists radicalised by Islam and what it teaches, why does our government ignore that fact?”

The anti-immigration campaigner declares Australians must “take a strong stance” to ensure whoever enters the country is compatible with the nation’s culture and "our way of life".

“Pressure the government to say no more Muslims in Australia, no more Muslim refugees in Australia. Take a strong stance to protect our security, our safety and our people.”

The anti-immigration campaigner urges Australians to pressure the government to stop Muslim immigrants entering Australia. Picture: AAP

The comments in the video uploaded on Monday mirror remarks by US presidential candidate Donald Trump, who promised to ban Muslim immigration to the US following the Orlando tragedy.

Hanson has been widely attacked on social media for her “ignorant”, “bigoted” and “disgusting” social media tirade, while some others agree with her sentiment.

"She makes me ashamed to be an Australian," one Facebook user wrote.

Pauline Hanson's sentiments have mirrored that of US presidential candidate Donald Trump (pictured). Picture: AP

"The conversation that America needs to be having is about GUN LEGISLATION," another said.

"Love your work Pauline Hansen," another commented. "Until the violence stops and we can weed out the bad seeds from these Sharia Law supporters, then I do not want anymore here."

Hanson is campaigning for a Queensland Senate seat at next month’s Federal election.