Wave your flag for multiculturalism

Anna and Lee Edmundson and En Xie will be proudly representing Germany, Israel and China during the Multicultural Night Under the Stars on February 28. Picture: David Bailey

BUNBURY couple Anna and Lee Edmundson and resident En Xie have very little in common.

However, they will each be proudly waving the flag of their home country during the Multicultural Night Under the Stars at the Graham Bricknell Memorial Music Shell on February 28.

During a photo shoot last week, they brought the flags they will be waving during the event - Mrs Edmundson was born in Germany while her husband, who is Jewish, will proudly wave the Israeli national flag.

"I lived in Germany for most of my life so it will always be part of me," Mrs Edmundson said.

"I have to say that I am proud to be German."

Her husband was at last year's event waving the Israeli flag and he would repeat the gesture in a few weeks.

"It is great to be part of the flag ceremony and the multicultural group to represent a very small democracy in the middle of a turbulent Middle East," he said.

Ms Xie, who has lived in Australia for two years, said she was happy she would be able to promote a different China than the commonly held perception.

"I'm really proud of my country," she said. "As you see there is a lot more news about China, its investment and its business."

The organisers of the Multicultural Night Under the Stars are looking for more people to represent different nationalities on the night.

During the event they carry their flag in the parade up to the stage and, say "hello" in their mother tongue.

Anyone who wants to be part of the flag ceremony can contact Saswati Pal on palsaswati2@gmail.com or on 0439 189 391.