Waterloo Road airs pregnancy twist for Kelly Jo

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Waterloo Road airs pregnancy twist for Kelly JoBBC

Waterloo Road has aired a huge storyline for Kelly Jo in which the teenager discovered she was pregnant.

Last week, Kelly Jo found out about her Jamaican heritage and was tasked with coming up with something to celebrate Jamaica for culture day.

In tonight's (January 30) episode, Kelly Jo prepared to present her podcast work to the whole school when her mum told her she couldn't remember if her dad actually was Jamaican.

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On her way to school, Kelly Jo stopped by a pharmacy. At school she went to the bathroom where she took out a pregnancy test and was seen by Mr Guthrie's scheming daughter Libby.

At lunch, Libby dropped some subtle hints about Kelly Jo's pregnancy test in a deliberate attempt to wind her up.

Following more taunts from Libby during Kelly Jo's presentation, Kelly Jo lost her temper and lunged at Libby with a rolling bookcase and began to fight Guthrie's daughter.

In an emotional talk with Miss Spratt, Kelly Jo said: "I just feel like no matter what I do I'm just always going to mess up."

After trying to tell Dean about the pregnancy test all day, Kelly Jo told her boyfriend that she might be pregnant.

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When Kelly Jo finally took the test in the bathroom, she came out to find that Dean had left. Later she found him in the hall where she told a relieved Dean she wasn't pregnant and he was "off the hook".

At the end of the day, Kelly Jo dropped a bombshell on her mum, saying: "You know today was meant to be about me finding myself. Only thing I found out mum is I'm pregnant.

"I thought I was finally turning things around, I thought that I'd be able to go to uni or whatever, but that's just not me is it?" a tearful Kelly Jo asked her mum.

In a heart-to-heart, her mum reassured her that she can do anything she wants and she will be right by her side whatever her decision over the baby's future.

Waterloo Road airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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