I Watched Way Too Many Celebrity Home Tours, And Here Are 16 Of The Most Ridiculously Expensive Things I Found In Each Celebrity’s Home

Recently, I rounded up all the weirdest and fascinating things I found in celebrity homes — like John Stamos's personal Disney collection and Sheryl Crow's collection of death masks of dead presidents.

Screenshots of John Stamos and Sheryl Crow's strange items

While making that list, unsurprisingly, I also came across RIDICULOUSLY expensive objects, from $20K stoves, to $30K faucets and shower heads, to custom-made items that were so expensive pricing wasn't even listed on the website (like this custom couch John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have in their home I tried and failed to figure out the price on).

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and the their very expensive couch

Still, there were many objects I could find the price for, or get a pretty solid estimate on. So, pop your popcorn and get your judging cap on, and let's get into all the astronomical prices:

1.Emma Chamberlain has a chandelier from Trueing Studio hanging above her dining room table that is estimated to cost about $30,000.

Emma showing off her chandelier
Architectural Digest / Via

2.She also has a $50,000 Mario Bellini-style sofa in her "music and television" room.

Emma's $50k sofa

3.Kendall Jenner has a $750,000 James Turrell art piece in her entryway.

Kendall showing off her peaceful and calming art piece that is meant to meditate in front of

4.Gwyneth Paltrow has a $62,700 swing in her living room.

Closeup of Gwyneth's swing

Imagine taking your Telehealth therapy call from a $62,700 swing.

Architectural Digest / Via

5.She also has custom-made Lindsey Adelman chandeliers, which can run upwards of $46K for just one chandelier. And, she has an in-home spa complete with $30K+ shower heads.

Gwyneth's chandelier and shower head

6.Paris Hilton famously spent $325,000 on a mini mansion for her dogs.

Paris Hilton's dog mansion
Paris Hilton / YouTube / Via

She wrote on Twitter, "My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it."

Twitter: @ParisHilton

Is she taking applications to rent???

7.Drake has a mattress made of horsehair in his Toronto home that cost nearly $400,000.

8.People estimated that Kim Kardashian's custom-stone bathroom sinks alone cost around $30,000.

Kim Kardashian's sinks

I'm pretty sure $30,000 is $30 in rich celebrity vision.

Vogue / @kimkardashian via Instagram Stories / Via

9.RuPaul has many lavish amenities in his Hollywood Regency-style home, including a disco room and a dazzling drag closet, but it's always the little things that catch my eye, like this custom-made La Cornue range, complete with "you better werk" engraved on its logo. Similar models retail for more than $20,000, so you can only imagine this one's price tag:

RuPaul's custom orange La Cornue stove

I also say "you better werk!" to my stove, but it's because sometimes it won't turn on.

Architectural Digest / Via

10.Sofía Vergara also has a $20K+ La Cornue stove in her home. She said, "I don't know anything, anything at all about it because I do not cook. I don't want to learn to cook."

Sofia Vergara showing off her stove and saying "I only care that it looks amazing"

Same girl, same.

Architectural Digest / Via

11.Travis Barker told Architectural Digest he's a "big collector of BMX bikes," with 25 in his collection. He keeps two on display in his house from Dior, which each run at $25,000 a piece.

Travis Barker's two Dior bikes on display in his home

12.Troye Sivan's mid-century Melbourne home caught the eyes of many for its cozy, relaxing, and refreshing design. And it's not without some high-priced items, like this vintage Percival Lafer sofa which is currently selling on 1stDibs for $23,000.

Troye's vintage Percival Lafer sofa

13.Iman's Catskills home is filled with art and objects loved and adored by David Bowie, including Iman's first wedding anniversary gift to David, a sculpture by Lynn Chadwick (a similar model is estimated to cost between $500K–$700K GBP, or ~$632K–$884K USD), and David's first gift to Iman — a Hermes bag (a similar version is reselling for $70K).

Iman showing off David Bowie's favorite sculpture and the Hermes bag he gifted her

14.Scott Disick has two vintage Jeanneret Kangaroo chairs in a lounge area in his home, which resell for $35,000 a pop on 1stDibs.

Scott Disick showing his chairs

$35,000 and you'll probably break it if you sit in it.

Architectural Digest / Via

15.Serena Williams has an entire art gallery in her Miami home, which is complete with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art, including this chair made of red plush Elmo toys by KAWS x Campana Brothers that's worth almost $300,000.

Serena Williams showing her art gallery, complete with an artful Elmo chair

I think someone needs to check on Elmo next.

Twitter: @Seamus_Malek

16.And lastly, all jokes aside, my personal favorite is that Shaq has appeared on numerous reality shows forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars for truly ridiculous expensive amenities for his homes, like reportedly spending $120,000 for an Egyptian-themed fish tank on Tanked (he also spent an additional $50,000 on a Superman-themed tank), and spending an estimated $400,000 for a custom treehouse on Treehouse Masters.

Shaq's fish tank and treehouse
Animal Planet / Rebound / Via

Of course, celebrities' multi-million dollar homes, yachts, jets, cars, and art collections (or in Gwyneth's case, a personal top-of-the-line luxury spa) top the price tags on most of these items, but I always find it fascinating just how expensive even the little details are. It really puts into perspective just how wealthy these people are.

"What could it cost? 10 dollars?"

Anyways, not to end on a bad note, but I low-key (high-key) had to take a break from watching all these home tours because I was getting viscerally sick watching wealth inequality play out right before me. Like, don't get me wrong, I like nice things, too, but knowing $30K is just pennies to these people, or something "sitting around the house," really just b l o w s my mind.

Cousin Greg in Succession acting shocked

So, if you had $30 extra in celebrity-vision money (aka $30K), what would you spend it on? How would that impact your life? LMK!