WATCH: TV reporter shocked to discover she is on air

An unwitting reporter has been caught off guard after not realising she was live on air.

TV journalist Maria Ryabova, sporting a coat draped over her shoulders to keep warm, was awaiting her cue for local TV Channel OTV Sakhalin, in far east Russia, before a producer abruptly tells her to ditch her jacket.

Maria Ryabova was taken aback by her producer’s shouts, before hurriedly disposing of her coat behind a nearby bush. Source: OTV Sakhalin

“Take off your coat. Throw it to the ground!” the producer can be heard saying as the camera rolls.

With a stern yet worried look across her face, she hurriedly flings the coat behind a nearby bush before resuming the broadcast with a smile.

Ms Ryabova was reporting on celebrations marking Victory Day in Russia from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin Oblast, on May 9 when her unexpected introduction took place.

After getting rid of the jacket, she turns back around and carries on as if nothing happened. Source: OTV Sakhalin