WATCH: Sydney Easter Show workers break bones on drunken big slide ride

Michael Duffy

Video has captured the startling speeds five intoxicated Sydney Royal Easter Show workers came down the giant slide and suffered serious injuries.

A 7 News investigation can reveal the workers had been drinking at the Cattleman's Bar in the showgrounds until 12.20am before taking their late night plunge in 2015.

The video shows the break-neck speeds the adults reached before hitting the wall at the bottom of the slide.

Not all of them walked away.

The workers had been drinking before hitting the slide. Source: 7 News
One woman broke her legs in the crash. Source: 7 News

A 22-year-old woman broke both legs while a 60-year-old man walked away with broken ribs.

SafeWork spokesman Peter Dunphy told 7 News the ride was not setup to handle riders out of hours.

"The bottom of the ride didn't have the inflatable (crash) mats and that and that led to them, at speed, exiting the ride and hitting the barriers," he said.

Work Cover documents also revealed it had been raining, adding to the riders' speed.

The ride was not setup to handle the late night riders. Source: 7 News
The riders, not the ride, were at fault. Source: 7 News

"The momentum caused them to go under the safety padding at the end of the disembarking area," the documents state.

The investigation concluded the ride was sound, putting the injuries down to human error.

Following the four lives claimed at Dreamworld in October last year, rides at this year's Easter Show are likely to come under greater scrutiny.