WATCH: Penguin flips out to find ice cold home-wrecker with wife

Sam Hussey

Penguins are known for their ice-cold habitats, but a new video has proven they’re just as cold on the inside.

In a story that's fitting for a Hollywood drama, a male penguin came home to find his penguin wife with another man and the outcome is heartbreaking.

“The husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin, he flips out,” the narrator said.

Unhappy feet: The husband started an epic battle when he returned home to find his wife with another penguin. Photo: Nat Geo
Unable to settle their differences on the battle field, they called for their female lover to choose which male she wanted. It did not end well for the husband. Photo: Nat Geo

“His strategy is simple battle the home-wrecker until he leaves.”

The National Geographic documentary officially turned into a soap opera when the exhausted male penguins simultaneously cry out for their female lover, asking her to choose.

However, this was no one-night-stand, the husband had been ousted.

Going out swinging, the soon to be ex returned for a last ditch effort to get his girl back. In the violent display, the penguins pecked at each other’s eyes while swinging their flippers “like baseball bats”.

'I can change': The devastated penguin watched on as his wife left with the homewrecker. Photo: Nat Geo

The narrator ends his running commentary ruthlessly stating “she’s got no time for losers,” just what every friend zoned male wants to hear.

Adding insult to the injury, the wounded male nearly tripped over on his walk of shame away from his former home.

The internet was quick to do what the internet does best and ruthless memes ensued.