How to watch the After movies in the correct order

After months of anticipation the fifth and final movie in the After series, After Everything is arriving in US cinemas today (13th September), and in the UK in just a few weeks on Prime Video.

The final instalment will see Hardin (Hero Finnes Tiffin) travel to Lisbon, Portugal to find Tessa (Josephine Langford) and try and win her back. The film will also see him running into his former flame Natalie (Mimi Keene) and facing pressure from his book publisher over his follow up novel.

As the film series reaches its conclusion (sorry, but how is it already over?) we're in a serious mood to binge watch all the other After films in the series. So how many films are there? And what is the correct order to see them in? Here's what you need to know.

What are the After films?

The After films are a series of movies based on the series of After novels written by Anna Todd.

Todd began writing the stories that would become After on social storytelling platform Wattpad in 2013, loosely using Harry Styles as inspiration for her work. Todd uploaded a new chapter of After for nearly every day for a year, and ended up writing three After books on Wattpad. The series was then turned into a novel series in 2014.

The first After movie was released in 2019 and tells the story of the relationship between Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) and Hardin Scott (Hero Finnes Tiffin), who begin their romance during Tessa's first year at college.

The subsequent films have then explored the many ups and downs of their relationship.

How many After films are there?

There are five films in the After film series, with the first After being released in April 2019, and the fifth and final film After Everything being released in September 2023.

Here are the five After films in release order:

  • After - 2019

  • After We Collided - 2020

  • After We Fell - 2021

  • After Ever Happy - 2022

  • After Everything - 2023

What is the correct order to watch the After films in?

Thankfully there's no weird timeline to contend with when it comes to the After films as the films only need to be watched in the order of release.

And so here's the correct order to watch the After films in:

After (2019)

The first film in the series is After which follows Tessa Young as she starts her first year at college, where she meets the mysterious British student Hardin Scott.

The pair begin a romance, but all is it not what it seems, with obstacles from themselves and others around them, can the two make things work?

After We Collided (2020)

The second film in the After series is After We Collided, which sees Tessa and Hardin return after their breakup. Much of the film focuses on Tessa's internship opportunity at Vance Publishing and Hardin and Tessa trying to get back together.

After We Fell (2021)

The third instalment in the After film series is After We Fell, which sees Tessa and Hardin together but grappling with certain things in their relationship.

There's the arrival of Tessa's father, Tessa's job opportunity in Seattle and some serious revelations about Hardin's family to deal with. Can the couple make it through?

After Ever Happy (2022)

The fourth film in the After series is After Ever Happy which deals with the immediate fall out from the shocking revelation at the end of After We Fell.

With Hardin not exactly coping with the reality, Tess questions if their relationship can withstand and the pair decide to spend some time apart. But does the break end up becoming a breakup?

After Everything (2023)

The fifth and final movie in the After series is After Everything which sees Hardin struggle with the breakup from Tessa and travel to Lisbon in one last chance to see if he can mend things with Tessa and bring them back together. Will it be a happy ending for the couple?

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