Watch live: Relatives and lawyers of Fernando Baez give speech after rugby players sentenced

Watch live as relatives and lawyers for Fernando Baez Sosa give a speech after five rugby players accused of killing the 18-year-old were handed life sentences.

Judges at a court in Dolores, Argentina, ruled that eight men now aged between 21 and 23 were responsible for the law student's death.

Matias Benicello, Ciro Pertossi, Luciano Perossi, Maximo Thomsen, and Enzo Comelli were sentenced to live imprisonment.

Blas Cinalli, Lucas Pertossi, and Ayrton Viollaz were sentenced to 15 years in prison for their secondary involvement in the killing.

Baez was killed after he was attacked from behind before being beaten to death after a fight broke out in a nightclub in Villa Gesell on 18 January 2020.

Those involved in the fight were evicted from the premises, but an argument continued in the street.

Mr Baez was separated from his friends and was beaten by eight attackers, later dying of his injuries.

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